Deadly U.S. strike in Kabul missed evidence of child present, investigation finds

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WASHINGTON, Nov 3 (Reuters) - An August U.S. drone onslaught successful Kabul that killed 10 civilians was not caused by transgression negligence but by a bid of errors, including not noticing a kid minutes earlier the onslaught took place, an probe by a subject inspector wide recovered connected Wednesday.

The Aug. 29 onslaught killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, successful an incidental the subject antecedently called a "tragic mistake." work much

Initially, the Pentagon had said the onslaught targeted an Islamic State termination bomber who posed an imminent menace to U.S.-led troops astatine the airdrome arsenic they completed the past stages of their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The onslaught came days aft an Islamic State termination bomber killed 13 U.S. troops and scores of Afghan civilians who had crowded extracurricular the airdrome gates, hopeless to unafraid seats connected evacuation flights, aft U.S.-trained Afghan forces melted distant and the Taliban swept to powerfulness successful the capital.

An probe by the Air Force inspector wide said the onslaught was caused by execution errors, interpreting accusation that supported definite viewpoints, and connection breakdowns.

"It's a regrettable mistake. It's an honorable mistake," Lieutenant General Sami Said, the Air Force inspector general, told reporters.

Said that erstwhile helium reviewed information and video footage, helium recovered grounds of 1 kid adjacent astir 2 minutes earlier the trigger was pulled connected the drone strike.

But helium added helium noticed the beingness of the kid arsenic helium looked astatine the video good aft the incidental and that it would person been casual to miss astatine the time.

Said did not urge disciplinary enactment but said it would beryllium up to commanders to marque a determination connected what, if any, accountability enactment should beryllium taken.

Steven Kwon, co-founder and president of Nutrition and Education International, which employed 1 of the victims, said the probe was "deeply disappointing and inadequate."

"According to the Inspector General, determination was a mistake but nary 1 acted wrongly, and I’m near wondering, however tin that be?" Kwon said successful a statement.

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