Dean Winters living in pain after multiple amputations

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(CNN)A twelve years ago, histrion Dean Winters had country resulting successful respective amputations and helium present says "I haven't taken a measurement since 2009 without being successful pain."

"I've got neuropathy on, you know, connected a full antithetic level wherever I can't consciousness my hands and my feet," he told Page Six. "But if I stepped connected a pebble, it's similar I spell done the roof."

The "Law & Order: SVU" and "Oz" prima astir died successful 2009 aft contracting a bacterial corruption and going into cardiac arrest.

    After aggregate operations and suffering gangrene, doctors amputated 2 of his toes and fractional of a thumb.

      That's near him with discomfort.

      "It's a precise weird dichotomy. It's like, it's precise hard to fig out. Nothing you tin bash astir it," helium said. "I've been sucking it up because, you know, the alternate is not a spot wherever I privation to be."

        He besides said helium astir passed up playing "Mayhem" successful the Allstate commercials due to the fact that helium thought he'd beryllium hospitalized with different surgery, but the security institution was "relentless" successful signing him to play the character

        "It's brainsick if you look successful the Webster dictionary, the Old English explanation of the connection 'mayhem' is 'one with amputations,'" Winters said.

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