Democrat Eric Adams Elected New York City Mayor

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NEW YORK — Democrat Eric Adams has been elected New York City politician aft handily defeating Republican Curtis Sliwa.

Adams is the Brooklyn borough president and a erstwhile New York City constabulary captain. He volition go the city’s 2nd Black politician and indispensable steer the damaged metropolis done its betterment from the coronavirus pandemic.

Adams’ triumph Tuesday seemed each but assured aft helium emerged arsenic the victor from a crowded Democratic superior this summertime successful a metropolis wherever Democrats outnumber Republicans 7 to 1.

Sliwa is the laminitis of the Guardian Angels anti-crime patrol. He ran a run punctuated by stunts and his signature reddish beret.



— The Virginia governor’s race is simply a trial of however voters consciousness astir Joe Biden’s presidency

What to ticker connected Election Day, with gubernatorial races and a ballot connected disbanding a constabulary section among issues crossed the country

— The system ranks arsenic the apical contented facing Virginia voters, with the pandemic and acquisition trailing

School committee races go the caller beforehand successful a civilization warfare arsenic resentments implicit coronavirus restrictions and anti-racism program scope a boiling point

— Elections are being held for three unfastened legislature seats successful Ohio and Florida

— Voters successful Minneapolis weigh the destiny of the metropolis constabulary department aft the decease of George Floyd

— Mayoral races could beryllium immense milestones for Asian Americans

— Election officials look on way to present a comparatively creaseless Election Day aft a twelvemonth of dealing with mendacious claims and decease threats


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Democrat Shontel Brown won the Cleveland-area U.S. House spot formerly held by Biden Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge successful Tuesday’s peculiar election.

Brown is simply a Cuyahoga County Council subordinate who besides chairs the region Democratic Party. She defeated Republican Laverne Gore, a concern proprietor and activist, successful the 11th Congressional District. The territory is simply a heavy Democratic country that stretches from Cleveland to Akron.

Brown volition capable the remainder of Fudge’s term, which runs until January 2023, facing reelection again adjacent twelvemonth to clasp the seat.

Her predetermination marks a triumph for constitution Democrats, who sought to support the territory against a takeover by progressives. Her backers included Hillary Clinton, U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn and respective labour unions.

But triumph whitethorn beryllium short-lived. Already, Brown’s defeated superior opponent, progressive Nina Turner, has begun campaigning for the afloat legislature word up for grabs successful 2022.


Republican Glenn Youngkin did his champion to support erstwhile President Donald Trump astatine arm’s magnitude successful his competitory contention for Virginia politician against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. The strategy appears to person had the intended effect.

A bulk of Virginia voters accidental they person an unfavorable presumption of the erstwhile president, but Youngkin fares better, according to AP VoteCast, a survey of voters. About fractional person a favorable sentiment of the erstwhile backstage equity executive.

The system ranked arsenic the apical contented facing the commonwealth, with the coronavirus pandemic and acquisition trailing, and voters were divided successful their sentiment of President Joe Biden’s performance.

Tuesday’s predetermination is the astir intimately watched contention since Biden defeated Trump past year. It is wide seen arsenic a gauge of however voters are feeling up of adjacent year’s midterm elections, and for some parties it could supply a blueprint for campaigning successful competitory states.

Biden won Virginia by 10 percent points past year. Now, 48% of Virginia’s voters o.k. of Biden’s occupation performance, portion 52% disapprove.

Voters who ranked the system and acquisition arsenic the apical issues were much apt to backmost Youngkin implicit McAuliffe. Voters who identified COVID-19 arsenic the apical contented supported McAuliffe implicit Youngkin. McAuliffe besides earned the bulk backing of the astir 2 successful 10 who ranked wellness care, clime alteration oregon racism arsenic the apical issue.


Voters casting ballots successful the choky contention for Virginia politician fertile the system arsenic the apical contented facing the commonwealth, with the coronavirus pandemic and acquisition trailing.

In the contention betwixt Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin, 34% of Virginia voters accidental the system and jobs was the astir important contented facing the state. Seventeen percent sanction COVID-19 and 14% take education. That’s according to AP VoteCast, a survey of voters.

Health attraction (7%), clime alteration (7%), racism (5%), migration (5%), termination (5%) and instrumentality enforcement (4%) were each lower-tier issues.

The contention is the astir intimately watched and competitory contention since Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump past year, and is seen arsenic a gauge of voters’ feelings up of adjacent year’s midterms.

Youngkin, a erstwhile backstage equity executive, often asserted Virginia’s system was “in the ditch,” but a bulk of voters disagreed. Fifty-six percent said the state’s system is successful bully shape, compared with 44% saying economical conditions are poor.

Schools became a absorption of the contention successful its last weeks. A 4th of Virginia voters accidental the statement implicit teaching captious contention mentation successful schools was the azygous astir important origin successful their ballot for governor, but a akin percent identified the statement implicit handling COVID-19 successful schools arsenic astir important.


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