'Demon Sperm' Doctor Fined $500, Given Light Penalty By Texas Medical Board

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The Texas Medical Board took “corrective action” past period against a doctor-minister who prescribed hydroxychloroquine to dainty COVID-19 without adequately explaining the wellness consequences to the patient, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

Dr. Stella Immanuel made planetary quality past twelvemonth erstwhile she called hydroxychloroquine a “cure” for COVID-19 successful a viral video shared by then-President Donald Trump. She told the Chronicle successful August 2020 that she had treated much than 400 patients with it, including the aged and radical with pre-existing conditions.

Clinical trials had showed the anti-malarial cause to beryllium ineffective against COVID-19, and health experts cautioned the public against taking it arsenic a coronavirus attraction owed to associated wellness risks, including bosom problems.

The Texas Medical Board, which regulates the signifier of medicine successful the state, ordered Immanuel connected Oct. 15 to taxable impervious of informed consent for each off-label treatments she provides, which ensures patients are alert of the imaginable risks.

She was directed to follow policies that necessitate patients to motion consent documents for each off-label therapies. She indispensable besides wage $500 to the board, according to the Chronicle.

Corrective enactment is considered to beryllium non-disciplinary. A usurpation of the bid could pb to disciplinary action.

The committee did not supply details astir the diligent successful question.

Last year, successful the aftermath of Immanuel’s precise publicized claims astir the drug, the committee warned that it could instrumentality enactment against physicians for touting mendacious COVID-19 cures.

“A doc indispensable supply afloat disclosure of attraction options, broadside effects, get informed consent, and determination cannot beryllium false, misleading oregon deceptive advertizing oregon statements made regarding immoderate therapies, including a cure for COVID-19,” it said successful a connection astatine the time.

Immanuel tweeted weeks later that she was being investigated by the board. She said astatine the clip that “Big Tech is censoring Experts and suppressing the CURE.”

Immanuel is besides a pastor and the laminitis of a Houston church, Fire Power Ministries, a level she has utilized to dispersed non-scientific claims.

Trump defended his endorsement of her past twelvemonth adjacent aft reporters pointed retired sermons successful which she asserted definite aesculapian conditions stemmed from demonic sperm successful demon imagination sex and that alien DNA was being utilized arsenic medicine, among different bizarre claims.

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