Demonstrators protest pride storytime event

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Several demonstrators showed up to the Pine Valley subdivision of the New Hanover County Public Library during a Pride Storytime lawsuit connected Tuesday, June 21.

The Pride Storytime featured 2 children’s books, “Daddy and Dada” and “Heather Has Two Mommies” and an enactment for the children to marque their ain household representation frame.

A New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office merchandise said the demonstrators gathered extracurricular of the room earlier entering a building. A lawman was called to the room for a disturbance, and it says a sheriff’s bureau supervisor stood extracurricular the country wherever the Storytime programme was taking spot to support protestors from entering.

“A Sheriff’s Office supervisor entered the room and positioned himself betwixt the backstage country holding the speechmaking and the demonstrators. The supervisor instructed the demonstrators that they were not allowed to participate the room. At nary clip did Sheriff Deputies witnesser nor did immoderate room unit study immoderate of the demonstrators causing a disturbance wrong the room oregon effort to participate the backstage country that was holding the reading. After the reading, each the participants near the room with nary incident,” writes the NHCSO successful a release.

A connection from Linda Thompson, the Chief Diversity and Equity Officer for the county, besides says nary disturbance happened wrong the building. But, the connection differs from the relationship laid retired by the sheriff’s bureau statement. Thompson’s connection says the protesters did not participate the gathering until aft the Storytime programme ended.

“The room unit worked collaboratively with the Sheriff’s deputies passim the event, and had coordinated information protocols up of clip arsenic good to assistance guarantee the information of patrons and their quality to enactment successful activities without disruption, portion besides respecting the public’s close to protestation outside. Prior to the Storytime lawsuit and during it, deputies and room unit worked to guarantee the protesters were not blocking the entranceway to the room truthful patrons could enter. And aft the Storytime programme had ended, respective members of the protesting radical wanted to travel inside. Anyone from the nationalist is permitted wrong the gathering arsenic agelong arsenic they are not actively protesting oregon disturbing different patrons, based connected the library’s codification of conduct. The room manager came wrong with them and deputies rapidly made their mode to the doorway of Storytime, to guarantee information for room patrons and unit who were inactive successful the room. The members of the protesting radical were not allowed successful the closed country wherever the lawsuit had been held and families were inactive in, and determination was nary disturbance wrong the building. Sheriff’s deputies and room unit besides provided assistance to parents and kids who were inactive successful attendance (some had near already) connected wherever to exit the room pursuing the event. Parents and children were not successful information astatine immoderate time. The region celebrates each people, cultures, genders and sex identities and volition proceed to bash that done our events, programs, and actions,” said the connection from Thompson.

Pictures sent to WECT from parents and witnesses wrong the room amusement demonstrators wrong the room and lasting extracurricular the room. WECT has received aggregate messages stating that an altercation took place. Witnesses person besides said that immoderate of the protestors appeared to beryllium portion of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group.

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