Destiny 2 has one of the worst bugs in its history that’s melting bosses and PvP players

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Destiny 2 has one of the worst — and most hilarious — bugs in its history right now, allowing players to create guns with perks that are game-breaking in activities or PvP. Players can put shotgun frames on auto rifles, resulting in a weapon that obliterates someone in PvP in milliseconds due to the hugely reduced time to kill.

Destiny 2 players have also been crafting grenade launchers with frames from other weapons, sending hugely explosive projectiles toward enemies and PvP players. Bungie currently has extra rewards running for its Grandmaster Nightfall activity, one of the more challenging sides of the PvE environment. This glitch makes that Grandmaster content light work, as people blast through enemies and bosses with ease.

Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2’s competitive PvP mode, is also running this weekend with a sought-after Igneous Hammer weapon as the reward for going flawless (winning seven games without a loss). This weapon crafting glitch means there are hundreds of players running around with weapons that melt players and make Trials of Osiris very easy when it’s supposed to be a more challenging PvP environment.

This exploit can also be used to place exotic weapon perks on regular legendary weapons, completely changing how a gun works in Destiny 2. It literally feels like you’re cheating when you shoot one of these weapons.

The challenge for Bungie is what does it do to fix this problem. The Destiny 2 developer will inevitably have to roll back its servers, but how long has this exploit been in the game? Bungie may need to also scan previously crafted weapons to ensure no overpowered weapons remain in the game, so this is a rather complex exploit to fix.

The Verge reached out to Bungie to comment on the glitch, but the company has not responded at the time of publishing. Bungie has also not commented on its Bungie Help account on X (formerly Twitter) nor its Destiny 2 Team account.

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