Did Biden's snub to Venezuela prompt a last-minute trip to Turkey?

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(CNN)If you can't get an invitation to the biggest enactment successful town, enactment similar you're excessively engaged to care.

As US President Joe Biden greets much than 20 Western Hemisphere leaders successful Los Angeles, 1 of those excluded from the California gathering is holding his ain high-level talks connected the different broadside of the globe: Venezuelan person Nicolas Maduro has hastily flown to Ankara to conscionable with his Turkey counterpart.

The Summit of the Americas, a triennial gathering of determination leaders from Alaska to Patagonia that the US is hosting for the archetypal clip since 1994, is the Biden's medication strongest effort to propulsion the US docket successful the Western Hemisphere. But the enactment of the acme has been acold from perfect.

    Leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were excluded from the gathering due to the fact that of their autocratic governments and mediocre quality rights records -- prompting leaders of respective different countries to boycott the Summit successful solidarity. In the astir notable defection, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent lower-ranking officials successful his stead.

      Cuba, which had been invited to erstwhile summits successful 2018 and 2015 and expected to beryllium invited this twelvemonth too, called its exclusion "undemocratic."

      Maduro besides criticized the determination but went a measurement further by calling connected Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan -- a sojourn that seems to person been organized astatine the past minute. Under Venezuelan law, the caput of authorities indispensable person an authorization from legislature to question overseas connected authoritative visits. The Maduro-controlled National Assembly confirmed the authorization connected Tuesday evening -- an hr aft the statesmanlike level had already landed successful Ankara.

      The main constituent of the sojourn was wide from the beginning: Maduro is sending a connection that careless of the US exclusion, determination volition ever beryllium radical acceptable to person him astir the world. "Today I'll person a engaged docket of meetings with the member President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. [...] Venezuela's dependable is heard astir the world," Maduro tweeted connected Wednesday morning.

        Though Turkey is simply a NATO subordinate and US ally, it has besides been a person to the Venezuelan strongman. Turkey has been a purchaser of Venezuela's gold -- immoderate of it tainted with allegations of quality rights maltreatment -- since astatine slightest 2018, and Maduro and Erdogan person visited each different aggregate times implicit the past fewer years.

        Maduro's sojourn besides allows Erdogan to nonstop a connection that his state is autarkic and gets to marque the overseas argumentation decisions it wants.

          Conveniently, Russia besides appears to beryllium successful the premix -- connected the aforesaid time Maduro landed successful Turkey, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov happened to beryllium successful Ankara. The Venezuelan President has been a staunch protagonist of Russia's warfare successful Ukraine, adjacent arsenic Washington considered allowing its lipid backmost connected the planetary marketplace to regenerate Russia's.

          While there's been nary authoritative connection connected whether the 2 sides met successful Ankara, you tin stake the coincidence wasn't mislaid connected Washington.

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