Dirt, danger and big, big air: Welcome to Red Bull Imagination

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(CNN)On the borderline betwixt Kansas and Missouri, connected a level expanse of the Great Plains astir 90 miles southbound of Kansas City, is simply a ungraded motorcycle way truthful outlandish that it looks similar an imaginary satellite successful a PlayStation game.

The astir vertiginous ramps springiness mode to the sharpest of curves, a elephantine billboard looms implicit a immense berm, portion a shipping instrumentality provides a take-off ramp for the astir implausible of jumps.

If each of this sounds similar a fantasy, it's due to the fact that that's however this way started life: this is the Red Bull Imagination, an uncompromising formation of fancy consecutive from the caput of ungraded motorcycle prima Tyler Bereman, designed to trial the limits of the champion riders successful the world.

    All successful my head

      Tyler Bereman riding astatine  Red Bull Imagination 2.

      "I person it each successful my head," the 30-year-old tells CNN Sport, grinning retired from beneath a mop of blond hairsbreadth and a shot cap. "We started with nothing, conscionable a rolling hill."

      A seven-man unit worked for 3 weeks utilizing tractors and earth-moving instrumentality to carve retired the archetypal Imagination people successful 2020. At Bereman's direction, the builders had the state to physique immoderate they wanted to, "drawing retired features from different enactment sports," helium explains.

      The Californian has been riding motorcycles since helium was hardly much than a toddler, and this saltation of the athletics is 1 that helium has helped to define.

      "I grew up racing motorcycles, and racing supercross and motocross wrong stadiums, and past yet got wounded excessively overmuch and had to instrumentality a backmost spot connected that," helium explains. "Obviously, successful motocross, there's freestyle, wherever they're doing flips and tricks and each that stuff, and I benignant of fell successful betwixt those 2 genres there. Ultimately, it's what I would telephone Freeriding."

      Like backmost state snowboarding

      There are parallels with some snowboarding and skating wherever Bereman has focused his career. "The biggest happening I tin subordinate it to, to the extracurricular public, would beryllium that there's contention snowboarding and then, like, backcountry snowboarding, truthful riding the pulverization and the hills, and the aforesaid with thoroughfare skating, there's contention skating and past there's thoroughfare skating wherever radical are conscionable retired connected the streets and filming."

      To Bereman, freeriding is each astir the axenic state of riding. "It's having our ain signifier of look done our ungraded bikes and conscionable being capable to spell retired determination and person amusive and find jumps and, ultimately, conscionable beryllium escaped connected your ungraded bike."

      Tyler Bereman, Josh Hill, Christian Dresser, Ryan Sipes, Tom Parsons getting acceptable   for their runs astatine  Imagination 2.

      The Red Bull Imagination events instrumentality this to the extreme. After the occurrence of 2020's debut, 9 riders were gathered backmost successful Fort Scott, Kansas for its 2021 successor -- wherever Bereman's caput took the way to adjacent wilder frontiers.

      "We benignant of ran retired of clip gathering everything we wanted [in 2020], truthful aft twelvemonth one, the people sat determination and didn't get touched for a twelvemonth straight. The extremity for twelvemonth 2 was to travel backmost successful and conscionable support adding options and options and options to each the jumps, to much oregon little make a ungraded skatepark."

      'Way bigger than I thought'

      One rider returning for much was Ryan Sipes, a level way and supercross legend, and 2019's International Six Days Enduro satellite champion.

      "I thought I knew what to expect, erstwhile we got determination successful 2020, it was like, 'Wow, this is truthful big, it's truthful overmuch bigger than thing I've ever seen,'" the 37-year-old Sipes tells CNN Sport. "So coming to this year, it's kinda like, 'We already cognize however large it was, however overmuch bigger tin they go?' Well, they went mode bigger than I thought we could go."

      Ryan Sipes says helium  was attracted to Imagination by the allure of its novelty.

      Sipes says helium was attracted to the Imagination lawsuit by the imaginable of trying thing new. "I've been riding my full life, since I was 3 years old, and to beryllium capable to larn thing caller and astatine the aforesaid clip beryllium capable to vie with the champion successful the world, that's conscionable a chill situation for maine to instrumentality connected and go, 'Let maine fig this out, fto maine spell ticker these guys, bent retired with these guys.'"

      But with his skills honed person to the ground, helium admits helium disquieted astir holding his ain with riders utilized to outrageous tricks and jumps.

      "I can't bash the tricks that they tin do, I can't backflip, I can't adjacent propulsion the whips the mode they can," the seasoned smiles. "I conscionable tried to marque the coolest enactment that I could.

      "Last year's way was a track, it was, 'Hey, you're kinda going successful this direction,' and you could alteration it a small bit, but it was kinda like, this is the mode you're expected to go," helium continues. "This twelvemonth determination was nary of that, it was benignant of, 'There's a clump of jumps, and a mates of turns, and conscionable fig it out, and bash your ain thing.'"

      Big jumps bring precocious stakes

      As the ramps and features of the way grew higher, truthful excessively did the stakes for the riders, and Bereman admits that information was adjacent the beforehand of his mind.

      "The sky's the bounds erstwhile it comes to creativity, but astatine the extremity of the day, with that creativity, information is paramount," helium says. "Ultimately, what we bash is not harmless by immoderate means, truthful that was the biggest thing, trying to marque it arsenic harmless arsenic possible, but obviously, conscionable make caller features and things that you've ne'er truly seen before."

      Sipes provided his chap riders with the biggest heart-in-mouth infinitesimal erstwhile his motorcycle mysteriously stalled successful mid-air, forcing him to bail retired mid-jump and hurtle to the ground, with his instrumentality dangerously adjacent down him.

       wherefore  Italian is MotoGPs rising star

      "It's benignant of the nightmare scenario, the jumps are truthful big, and it's not conscionable the distance, the tallness that you get disconnected these jumps," Sipes explains. "I deliberation I'd beryllium guessing connected the debased broadside erstwhile I accidental I was astir apt 35 feet disconnected the crushed connected that jump, truthful that's a agelong mode to fall... it's truly acold up, adjacent to leap into h2o from that tallness is benignant of scary.

      "In that infinitesimal you person fractional a 2nd astir apt to fig retired whether you're going to thrust it retired oregon leap -- and it's not ever champion to jump, a batch of times it's champion to bent connected -- but successful that instance, I was like, 'This bike's going to conscionable assemblage slam maine if I don't get distant from it.'"

      Miraculously, helium walked distant mostly unscathed. "I was precise sore and honestly beauteous spooked by it, but we inactive had contention day, truthful I had to get backmost connected it and go."

      'It's a billboard, it's 15 feet disconnected the ground'

      Among the wilder parts of the way was a billboard that riders were utilizing arsenic a vertical touchpoint successful mid-air. "The partition thrust was 1 of the brainsick things. It's a billboard, it's 15 feet disconnected the ground, it's 15 feet tall, and past 25 feet long," Bereman recalls. "That was beauteous scary due to the fact that that's not thing that we bash each day."

      Sipes was afloat of admiration for Bereman's skill. "He's 1 of the astir talented guys I've ever seen connected a motorcycle, and portion of that is his quality to justice however accelerated to deed thing erstwhile he's ne'er deed it before," helium smiles, wide eyed.

      "The partition  thrust   was 1  of the brainsick  things ... That was beauteous   scary due to the fact that that's not thing  that we bash  each   day."

      "A batch these jumps there's nary halfway, it's either spell each the mode oregon don't adjacent rotation implicit it, and his quality to go, 'I deliberation I'll deed it 2nd cogwheel and three-quarter throttle,' and helium makes it, and it's astonishing to ticker that."

      The Red Bull Imagination lawsuit was a competition, with riders judged for benignant by a watching jury. Axell Hodges was crowned the victor successful the end, followed by chap X-Games prima Colby Raha and Bereman himself successful third. But portion competing was important, the statement seemed to bespeak a antithetic benignant of atmosphere.

      "The vibe was amazing," Bereman grins. "When it comes to racing oregon freestyle, you're astir bred to bushed your competitor; with freeriding, we're benignant of each successful this unneurotic and we're feeding disconnected each other."

      "It was the astir amusive week I've had connected a ungraded bike," Sipes concurs. "I've been riding my full beingness and I've done immoderate truly chill stuff, but amusive factor-wise this takes the cake."

        For his part, Bereman is already reasoning astir adjacent year's event. "This is simply a caller lane successful our sport," helium says. "It's a enactment successful progress, we're learning arsenic we go, and each twelvemonth that we bash it, we instrumentality things backmost that we learned that we could bash better, past effort to instrumentality them the pursuing year.

        "Hopefully, if each goes well, we tin travel backmost with 3.0 and support building."

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