Disney's Bob Iger Visits ABC7, Returns to His Weatherman Roots

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Media|Bob Iger, soon to permission Disney, returns to his weatherman roots.


Robert A. Iger connected  Thursday greeting  presenting the upwind  connected  KABC successful  Los Angeles. Mr. Iger, 70, was 23 erstwhile   helium  past  did the weather.

Brooks Barnes

  • Dec. 9, 2021, 11:34 a.m. ET

Long earlier helium became Disney’s celebrated ultimate leader, Robert A. Iger was a humble weatherman. He started his vocation successful 1973 astatine a cablegram presumption successful Ithaca, N.Y., wherever his duties progressive lasting successful beforehand of a representation and doing that awkward talking-into-space happening portion reciting temperatures.

On Thursday, helium went retired the mode helium came in.

“There is airy rainfall falling crossed the Southland this morning, expected to get conscionable a small spot heavier arsenic the jay — time — progresses,” Mr. Iger said connected an early-morning KABC newscast successful Los Angeles, lasting successful unannounced for the station’s accustomed upwind guru, Leslie Lopez. “However, this is conscionable a prelude to a large storm.”

Mr. Iger, who volition discontinue connected Dec. 31, is typically movie-star smooth. But helium was a small stiff arsenic helium stood sideways and work disconnected the KABC teleprompter. Jitters? Harder than it looks?

Then helium relaxed, adjacent tossing successful a fewer charismatic ad-libs.

“Very nippy connected Saturday greeting by the mode — 62 degrees successful the Los Angeles area,” helium said. “The beaches, adjacent wherever I live? Ooh, 46 degrees connected Saturday morning. That’s erstwhile I motorcycle ride. I deliberation I’m going to person to ticker retired for immoderate early-morning frost!”

Ms. Lopez, who was lasting conscionable disconnected screen, and Leslie Sykes, KABC’s longtime greeting quality anchor, rushed implicit to congratulate him astatine the extremity of the segment. “You did great!” they some shouted. They continued to gush until Scott Reiff, a reporter, chopped successful from a helicopter.

“All right, I deliberation we person to spell to postulation here,” Mr. Reiff said. KABC is owned by Disney.

Mr. Iger, 70, was 23 erstwhile helium past did the weather. He was thing of a flop, lasting lone a year. But the acquisition was transformative. As helium wrote successful “The Ride of a Lifetime,” his 2019 concern memoir, “That twelvemonth of toiling successful obscurity (and performing with mediocrity) convinced maine to wantonness the imagination I’d had since I was 15 years aged — to beryllium a web quality anchorman.”

He has joked successful interviews implicit the years that giving the residents of Ithaca their regular upwind study near him with a utile skill. “It taught maine however to springiness radical truly atrocious news,” helium said successful 2019 portion promoting his book. “It’s Memorial Day. It’s going to rainfall each weekend.”

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