Donald and Stephen Glover’s Lando Calrissian series is actually going to be a movie

2 months ago 192

While Hollywood’s ongoing double labor strike has kept any substantive progress from being made on Donald and Stephen Glover’s forthcoming Lando Calrissian project, according to one half of the creative duo, a movie — not a Disney Plus series — is what fans have to look forward to.

During a recent appearance on the Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, Stephen Glover couldn’t say all much about his and Donald’s Lando project, which the brothers reportedly signed onto before the writers and actors strike began earlier this year. But Stephen did reveal that, despite its initially being conceived as a series, the thing he and Donald (who’s set to star in as a younger Lando Calrissian) is actually going to be a feature-length film — one the pair is excited about despite all the pressure that comes along with the fear of “pissing off these fans.

Interestingly and not at all surprisingly, Stephen avoided going into detail about how and when Lucasfilm and Disney made the choice to pivot from producing yet another live-action Star Wars spinoff series in favor of bringing Donald’s Lando back to the big screen. Stephen did note, however, that keeping abreast of the project’s status during the strike has been something like playing a game of telephone — a detail that could mean any number of things ranging from “the movie’s really just on hold right now” to “we’re not even sure if this thing is coming out.”

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