Donald Trump Jr. Gripes About Lawsuit But Gets No Sympathy From Twitter Users

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Wednesday wasn’t a large time for Donald Trump Jr. ― but being sued for $250 million volition bash that to a guy.

After New York Attorney General Letitia James announced she was suing erstwhile President Donald Trump and his children Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump to forestall them from conducting concern successful the authorities of New York, the eldest Trump sibling attempted to marque the benignant of lawsuit that seldom works successful a courtroom.

While Trump Jr. dismissed James’ civilian suit arsenic a “Democratic witch-hunt” connected Twitter, helium didn’t really code immoderate of the suit’s claims, which see the allegation that the Trump household valued their assets astatine overmuch higher rates than appraisers.

Mostly, his bid of tweets connected Wednesday seemed to beryllium trying to pull sympathy from Trump supporters and low-information Americans.

Letitia James doesn't attraction astir the law. She's a Dem activist, who lone cares astir politics.

Here's the astir caller canvass successful her reelection race. So she's present desperately trying to occurrence up her leftwing basal with this BS. This is ALL politics, thing more.


— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 21, 2022

But it didn’t look similar galore Twitter users were buying what Junior was trying to sell.

Still waiting for yourr mentation of wherefore Trump spot valuations zoomed mode up for loans and plunged mode down for taxes. On the aforesaid properties. Take each the clip you need.
Hint: Yelling astatine Tish James won't chopped it.

— Joe Conason (@JoeConason) September 21, 2022

Letitia James conscionable turned “Hump Day” into “Whoop Ass Wednesday.”

— Staz Trudeaux (@SheJStaz) September 21, 2022

Eric Trump besides joined successful with the whining.

Letitia James is not moving for the Attorney Generals bureau - she is moving for the DNC… 49 days earlier her predetermination (newest canvass has her tied with a Republican successful New York State)

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) September 21, 2022

He was likewise mocked heartily.

You're not successful a governmental race, Fraud Boy. You should beryllium trying to support yourself successful a court, wherever facts matter. You amended person the facts connected your side. No 1 believes you do.

— Alan Howe, Democrat for PA House, territory 199 (@HoweDefendsUSA) September 21, 2022

Of course, Daddy Trump besides chimed successful astatine Truth Social with his ain dubious “witch hunt” gripes, calling James a “racist” and saying she’s presently losing her reelection run against Republican Michael Henry.

The August/September poll the Trumps are citing puts James conscionable implicit 1 percent constituent down Henry, with 12.8% of respondents undecided.

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