Donald Trump Not Invited To Queen Elizabeth's Funeral (But Neither Is Obama ― Yet)

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That’s due to the fact that the United Kingdom has decided lone to invitation current heads of authorities and their spouses oregon partners, arsenic opposed to letting each state nonstop a delegation featuring members of their ain choosing, the Daily Beast reported.

U.K. officials accidental abstraction considerations are down the constricted seating. In addition, the overseas heads of authorities heading to Britain for adjacent Monday’s work were asked to instrumentality commercialized flights and told they won’t beryllium capable to usage helicopters to get astir London, according to the Independent.

Foreign dignitaries are besides prohibited from utilizing authoritative cars to be the ceremonial and volition alternatively beryllium transported to Westminster Abbey by autobus from a tract successful West London, according to Politico.

Although it is communal for erstwhile presidents to be authorities funerals with the existent Chief Executive, the U.K.’s determination to bounds attendance saves President Joe Biden from having to invitation the existent taxable of a transgression investigation.

It besides stops the idle speculation of pundits similar CNN’s Jake Tapper, who suggested connected Friday that it would beryllium “clever” for Biden to invitation Trump to beryllium portion of the U.S. delegation “and spot if helium goes.”

The quality that Trump wouldn’t beryllium invited sparked reactions connected Twitter.

Of people Trump volition accidental helium was invited but decided not to attend.

— Jimmy Stafford (@jammalama) September 12, 2022

BREAKING: While helium was not invited to be Queen’s funeral, Donald Trump has been invited to articulation her.

— Feodor Chin 🇺🇸❄️ (@FeoChin) September 12, 2022

I deliberation it'd beryllium amusing to spot a database of each the things successful the past fewer years that Trump, arsenic a erstwhile president, should've been invited to but was not.

— Steph Opitz (@stephopitz) September 12, 2022

Trump not getting invited to the Queen's ceremonial is simply a "snub" successful the aforesaid mode that a workmate I had successful 2004 and hated not getting invited to my wedding is simply a "snub"

— Eddie Robson (@EddieRobson) September 12, 2022

Although the authoritative invitation is lone for Biden and wife, Dr. Jill Biden, Daily Mail writer Emily Goodin said connected Twitter that Buckingham Palace has the option to invitation different idiosyncratic Americans that the royal household would similar to beryllium determination “so determination could beryllium much Americans faces there.”

That could unfastened up a spot for Obama, who the Queen reportedly liked truthful much that she considered inviting him for a sojourn adjacent erstwhile helium was retired of office.

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