Donald Trump's Latest Word Salad Has Seth Meyers Thinking... Wait, What?!?

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Donald Trump confused the hell out of Seth Meyers with his latest assembly of words.

Trump’s civil fraud trial has “triggered” and “really spooked” the former president because it’s taking place in New York and challenges his myth of being a mega-successful businessman,” the “Late Night” comedian said Wednesday.

Trump has even taken to ranting about the case at his rallies. But his comments don’t make much sense, explained Meyers.

“If you’re the average person who doesn’t follow all the daily ins and outs of Trump’s civil fraud trial, how the hell can you even follow any of this?”

The comedian then aired footage of Trump railing about the trial to make his point. “If you were in that crowd for that Trump rally you’ve got to be so bummed, that is not what you came for,” Meyers said after. “That is never what you’ve come for.”

Watch the video here:

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