Donald Trump Taunts Nancy Pelosi And Laughs At Crowd's Derisive Chants

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Former President Donald Trump’s look of sympathy for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took an about-face Sunday erstwhile the erstwhile president called her “crazy” and laughed astatine rallygoers’ “lock her up” chants.

(Watch the video below.)

Last week, Trump said the caller hammer onslaught connected Paul Pelosi, the California Democrat’s husband, was a “terrible thing,” though helium blamed Democrats for the crime. But Trump expressed mostly contempt for the speaker astatine a run lawsuit for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) 2 days earlier the midterm elections, arsenic Mediaite reported.

Trump told his faithful astatine a MAGA rally successful Miami that Republicans are “going to extremity Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s governmental vocation erstwhile and for all,” generating chants of “lock her up.” Trump smiled and laughed, turning to Rubio: “We person a feisty assemblage today, Marco.”

In different moment, helium mockingly asked, “By the way, how’s she doing lately, how’s she doing?” Mediate reported.

Paul Pelosi, who suffered a fractured skull, was released from the infirmary past week, but his woman said Friday that his recovery volition beryllium a “long haul.” The fishy successful the onslaught allegedly told constabulary helium intended to kidnap the House talker for “Democratic lies,” prompting concerns that heightened governmental rhetoric is starring to violence.

Doug Heye, a erstwhile communications manager for the Republican National Committee, precocious said Republicans bore “original sin” for the onslaught connected Paul Pelosi.

Mediaite shared a clip from the rally:

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