Donald Trump Teases 'Big Announcement' On Nov. 15

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Donald Trump told a assemblage successful Ohio Monday nighttime that he’ll beryllium making a “big announcement” connected Nov. 15, pursuing hints successful caller weeks that he’s readying to tally for president again.

“I’m going to beryllium making a precise large announcement connected Tuesday, Nov. 15 astatine Mar-a-Lago,” Trump said astatine the rally for Ohio GOP Senate campaigner J.D. Vance. “We privation thing to detract from the value of tomorrow.”

Trump has been floating the thought of moving again, saying past week that helium would “very, very, precise probably” tally aft losing reelection to President Joe Biden 2 years ago.

Nov. 15 is besides the time that the memoir of Mike Pence ― who served arsenic vice president and became a people for refusing to spell on with Trump’s refusal to judge the 2020 predetermination results ― goes connected sale.

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