Donald Trump Weighs In On Queen Elizabeth's Death

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Former President Donald Trump lauded Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II successful a Thursday connection pursuing her death, praising her “faithfulness to her country” and “most meaningful life.”

“May God bless the Queen, whitethorn she reign everlastingly successful our hearts, and whitethorn God clasp her and Prince Philip successful abiding care,” Trump said successful a associated connection with his wife, Melania. “Melania and I volition ever cherish our clip unneurotic with the Queen, and ne'er hide Her Majesty’s generous friendship, large wisdom, and fantastic consciousness of humor. What a expansive and beauteous woman she was—there was cipher similar her!”

The queen died connected Thursday astatine property 96 aft 7 decades connected the throne.

Trump’s connection extended condolences to the radical of the United Kingdom, but notably lacked references to the commonwealth ― a precedence for the queen ― oregon the monarch’s relation successful overseeing Britain’s withdrawal from its colonies. (President Joe Biden emphasized the deceased ruler’s planetary interaction successful his statement.)

Queen Elizabeth’s historical and singular reign near a tremendous bequest of bid and prosperity for Great Britain,” Trump’s connection continued.

Britain is presently preparing for a large economical downturn that experts accidental is driven successful ample part by the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, a argumentation that Trump championed.

Trump met the queen doubly during his presidency.

For their archetypal encounter, successful 2018, helium arrived precocious ― past claimed the queen kept him waiting, contempt photograph and video grounds to the contrary.

In 2019, she hosted the then-president for a authorities visit. Trump’s girl Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly attempted to clang their gathering successful what would person been a large breach of protocol. Afterwards, Trump claimed the queen’s squad told him that “she hasn’t had truthful overmuch amusive successful 25 years.”

The queen, who arsenic a regularisation remained mum connected authorities and existent events, did not corroborate this.

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