Dropkick Murphys Singer Slams Election Deniers, Billionaires In Scathing Rant

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Dropkick Murphys vocalist and bassist Ken Casey didn’t clasp backmost his disapproval for billionaires and predetermination deniers successful a blistering connection to Pennsylvania fans.

Casey performed successful the state, which features a heated U.S. Senate contention betwixt Republican campaigner Dr. Mehmet Oz and Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, connected Thursday. He went aft “swindlers” and “grifters” successful a rant that appeared to people politicians supporting erstwhile President Donald Trump.

The Massachusetts-founded Celtic punk band’s show was connected the aforesaid nighttime arsenic President Joe Biden’s prime-time code against “MAGA Republicans” and predetermination deniers who threaten American democracy.

Casey, successful his address, told fans that buying “those fucking hats” makes them “part of the problem.”

“You’re being duped by the top swindler successful the past of the world. You’re being duped by a clump of grifters and billionaires who don’t springiness a crap astir you oregon your family,” Casey said.

“If you see yourself a patriot and you’re spouting retired that election-denying shit, I volition combat your ass extracurricular if you privation to,” helium added.

Watch a clip of Casey’s rant below.

Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys goes connected an epic rant against MAGA grifters with nary lies detected and the Boston accent is the chefs buss pic.twitter.com/jrFUFu3K67

— Wu-Tang Is For The Children (@WUTangKids) September 3, 2022

Casey has been politically outspoken successful the past.

Casey, a self-proclaimed Democrat, co-hosted a fundraiser for GOP Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker erstwhile helium was moving for the bureau successful 2014. “I volition instrumentality a large bosom and beardown quality implicit governmental enactment immoderate day,” Casey told the Boston Herald astatine the time.

He supported U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, who was appointed by Biden, during Walsh’s run for Boston politician successful 2013.

The instrumentalist told Kerrang magazine past twelvemonth that the set is not successful the presumption of “backing politicians” but added that who idiosyncratic is arsenic a idiosyncratic matters and helium didn’t spot it successful Trump.

“Well, you enactment a shitty idiosyncratic successful charge, what did you expect?” Casey said.

“Friends that I’ve had my full beingness got swindled into believing what that snake lipid salesman was selling. It ruined lifelong friendships and household relations,” helium said. “That mightiness beryllium wishful reasoning due to the fact that divisions are deep, but erstwhile you don’t person a feline pouring gasoline connected it each time connected Twitter, it’s a small spot easier to person hope.”

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