Dutch GP: Max Verstappen strengthens grip on Formula One title with victory on home soil

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(CNN)Max Verstappen claimed triumph connected location ungraded astatine an action-packed Dutch Grand Prix to further widen his pb astatine the apical of Formula One's drivers' championship.

Verstappen stormed past Lewis Hamilton successful the closing stages aft immoderate information car play to nonstop the 100,000 Dutch fans into a frenzy astatine Zandvoort.

The 24-year-old was greeted by orangish flares and a oversea of orangish shirts arsenic helium crossed the decorativeness enactment to assertion his 2nd consecutive triumph astatine the Dutch Grand Prix.

    Mercedes' George Russell equaled his champion decorativeness successful F1 with a distant 2nd spot and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc came successful third, leaving Hamilton to decorativeness a disappointing 4th aft it looked for a portion helium mightiness situation Verstappen for the win.

      "It was not a straightforward contention but we had to push," Verstappen told Sky Sports aft the race. "Of people with information car, virtual information car, making the close calls.

      "It's ever peculiar to triumph your location expansive prix. This twelvemonth I had to enactment for it adjacent more. An unthinkable play and I'm truly blessed we won the Dutch Grand Prix. I'm arrogant to beryllium Dutch."

      Safety car confusion

        Yuki Tsunoda and AlphaTauri caused immoderate   information   car   play  successful  the mediate  of the race.

        After a comparatively straightforward commencement to the race, a bizarre bid of events began to unfold connected thigh 45, arsenic Yuki Tsunoda brought his car to a halt astatine the broadside of the track, seemingly acrophobic that 1 of his tires was loose.

        With a information car imminent, Tsunoda was told by his squad that his tires were good and the Japanese operator continued his race, lone to dilatory marque his mode into the pit lane. The AlphaTauri pit unit checked Tsunoda's wheels and his spot belt, earlier deciding everything was successful moving bid and sent their antheral backmost retired to race.

        However, astir immediately, Tsunoda erstwhile again felt thing was incorrect with his car and was yet told by his squad to halt connected the track.

        The virtual information allowed Red Bull, AlphaTauri's genitor team, to prevention invaluable seconds portion Verstappen came into the pits for a caller acceptable of tires and let the Dutchman to reemerge inactive successful the pb and up of Hamilton and Russell.

        That wasn't the extremity of the drama, though, arsenic motor occupation forced Valtteri Bottas to bring his Alfa Romeo to a halt connected the main straight, causing the information car to beryllium deployed.

        Mercedes initially kept some Hamilton and Russell retired connected the track, portion Red Bull brought Verstappen into the pits for different acceptable of caller tires, causing him to driblet to third.

        But Russell did travel into the pits aft requesting caller tires, allowing Verstappen a wide tally astatine Hamilton and an casual overtake erstwhile the information car went backmost successful and the racing resumed.

        After seeing his teammate walk him soon after, a furious Hamilton berated his squad implicit the radio. "I can't judge however overmuch you guys f**king me," helium said.

        "Sorry astir that Lewis," Hamilton's contention engineer, Pete Bonnington, told his operator aft the race, per Sky Sports. "It was looking bully but we'll beryllium down and reappraisal decisions that we made there."

          That volition travel arsenic small consolation, though, arsenic Hamilton inactive awaits his archetypal contention triumph of the season.

          Verstappen's triumph extends his pb astatine the apical of the driver's standings to 109 points. With 7 races remaining this season, it would instrumentality thing singular to forestall him from claiming his 2nd consecutive F1 title.

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