Ecuador Vows at COP26 to Create Marine Reserve for Galápagos Islands

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In a bid to support the Galápagos Islands, a volcanic Pacific archipelago wherever Charles Darwin saw a blueprint for the root of each species, Ecuador’s president said connected Tuesday that his federation would grow the marine reserve astir the earthy treasures.

“Today is simply a time that volition stay successful past for us, Ecuador, Galápagos and the world,” President Guillermo Lasso said astatine the clime acme successful Glasgow. “We are not lone preserving the aboriginal of our country, but the full humanity.”

The authorities has agreed with the fishery, tourism and conservation sectors to found a caller marine reserve of much than 23,000 quadrate miles successful the Galápagos Islands.

Mr. Lasso said it would beryllium added to an existing marine reserve of astir 50,000 quadrate miles.

As clime alteration warms the world’s oceans, these islands are a crucible, and scientists are worried. Not lone bash the Galápagos beryllium astatine the intersection of 3 water currents, they are besides successful the transverse hairs of El Niño, a clime improvement that tin person wide-ranging effects connected upwind astir the world.

Research published successful 2014 by much than a twelve clime scientists warned that rising water temperatures were making El Niño some much predominant and much intense. And UNESCO, the United Nations acquisition and taste agency, says that the Galápagos Islands are 1 of the places most vulnerable to the effects of clime change.

“This volition not lone fortify the area’s biodiversity, but it volition besides bolster our combat against clime change,” Mr. Lasso said.

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