Ed Sheeran Says Backlash To His 'Game Of Thrones' Cameo Killed His Buzz

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Ed Sheeran is admitting that the antagonistic nationalist absorption to his cameo connected “Game Of Thrones” successful 2019 somewhat “muddied” an different affirmative experience.

The singer-songwriter dished astir it Monday connected Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast and said helium didn’t expect specified backlash.

“It was great,” Sheeran said astir his time connected the set, but admitted, “I consciousness similar people’s absorption to it benignant of muddied my joyousness to it.”

The seventh-season cameo was really intended to astonishment formed subordinate Maisie Williams, whom producers had planned to termination disconnected aboriginal that season.

“I don’t deliberation they had written the ending yet. It was meant to beryllium her past season, but it wasn’t,” Sheeran said. “And arsenic a astonishment for her, [they got] maine on. So, she was meant to crook up connected set.”

Many fans were irked astatine however unsubtle (and arguably distracting) Sheeran’s cameo was, according to Decider, and determination were rumors Sheeran deactivated his Twitter accountsomething helium denied.

Sheeran told the podcast that helium “pissed disconnected a batch of radical by being successful that,” but admitted that he’d bash it again.

“Anytime I conscionable idiosyncratic that is like, ‘Oh you cameoed connected that show,’ I’m like, ‘What would you say?’” helium said. “Everyone would accidental yes. I was a instrumentality of the show; they asked maine to beryllium successful it. I didn’t expect determination to beryllium that overmuch backlash but I americium decidedly much cautious erstwhile I americium offered cameos now.”

Last week, Sheeran announced that he has tested affirmative for COVID-19 and volition bash interviews and performances from his location portion helium self-isolates.

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