Egypt Poised to Expand Security Powers of President and Military

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Middle East|Egypt Poised to Expand Security Powers of President and Military

Amendments to a coercion instrumentality volition fortify the grip of the government, conscionable days aft it appeared to loosen up by lifting a authorities of emergency.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt past  period  successful  Hungary.
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Vivian YeeNada Rashwan

Nov. 1, 2021, 11:15 a.m. ET

CAIRO — Egypt is poised to grow the nationalist information powers of the president and subject with authorities that volition fortify the manus of the country’s authoritarian government, conscionable arsenic it had appeared to unbend its grip past week with the lifting of a longstanding authorities of emergency.

The House of Representatives approved caller amendments to the nationalist coercion instrumentality connected Sunday granting the extended powers, and the changes volition present spell to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for ratification, which is small much than a formality. The amendments springiness the president the authorization to instrumentality “measures indispensable to sphere information and nationalist order,” including imposing curfews, among different powers.

The changes raised questions astir whether Egypt was genuinely taking steps to unfastened up, arsenic the authorities has been anxious to show. With its human-rights grounds erstwhile again under scrutiny from the United States and Europe, the authorities precocious announced a re-evaluation of immoderate aspects of its handling of governmental prisoners and different quality rights issues. Mr. el-Sisi besides decided not to renew the four-year-old authorities of emergency, which expired past month.

The authorities of exigency gave the authorities sweeping powers of surveillance, arrest, censorship and different tactics successful the sanction of warring terrorism, including the quality to quash protests, detain dissidents and power the mundane lives of Egyptians. Such rules, successful 1 signifier oregon another, had been successful spot for astir of the past 40 years.

While immoderate rights advocates welcomed the change, galore criticized the government’s moves to code quality rights concerns arsenic simply a nationalist relations stunt — peculiarly arsenic the amendments gave the president and subject immoderate powers akin to those they held nether the now-lifted authorities of emergency.

With the amendments to the coercion law, Egypt volition proceed to widen the relation of the military, which has seen its prima emergence and responsibilities expand into a scope of areas — from pasta manufacturing and hotels to the judiciary — since Mr. el-Sisi, a erstwhile general, took powerfulness aft a military coup successful 2013.

If the president approves the changes, the subject and constabulary volition person imperishable work for protecting nationalist infrastructure, fundamentally handing them power of facilities including state pipelines, lipid fields, powerfulness stations, roads, bridges and railway tracks. Anyone accused of trespassing connected oregon damaging specified infrastructure would beryllium prosecuted successful subject courts.

Another amendment that passed the House connected Monday would marque probe connected the subject and its existent and erstwhile members without written authorities consent punishable by a hefty good of up to 50,000 Egyptian pounds, oregon astir $3,200.


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The timing of the latest legislative changes raised doubts adjacent among members of Egypt’s rubber-stamp Parliament, which is dominated by statesmanlike allies.

“We are not against toughening the punishment for disclosing subject secrets oregon espionage, but we person reservations astir the timing, arsenic it coincides with the president’s abolition of the authorities of exigency and the issuance of the quality rights strategy,” said 1 lawmaker, Maha Abdel Nasser of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, according to the Egyptian quality outlet Al Shorouk.

Ms. Abdel Nasser pointed retired that the strengthened penalties for publishing accusation astir the subject contradicted the nationalist quality rights strategy, which promised Egyptians the close to state of expression.

Another lawmaker, Mohamed Abdel Alim, formerly of the Wafd Party, who similar Ms. Abdel Nasser is neither afloat aligned with the authorities nor with the opposition, besides expressed concerns that the amendments would complicate the occupation of journalists and researchers, Al Shorouk reported.

But, lest anyone uncertainty his patriotism, helium hastened to adhd that helium respected the equipped forces.

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