Eli Manning Says He's Mistaken For Another Celeb And It Came To A Head Recently

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Ex-New York Giants backmost Eli Manning, a two-time Super Bowl MVP, told Jimmy Fallon connected Wednesday that he’s often mistaken for different retired athlete. (Watch the video below.)

But 1 caller lawsuit truly stuck successful the craw of the four-time Pro Bowl pick. He said helium was taking his daughters sportfishing this past summertime erstwhile they pulled implicit to get immoderate snacks. The clerk, Manning recalled, said, “Are you who I deliberation you are?”

Manning answered successful the affirmative and the clerk, according to the ex-NFLer, answered: “Oh my gosh, Michael Phelps is successful my store! Everybody travel out, it’s Michael Phelps!”

When Manning tried to fto the feline cognize helium wasn’t the Olympic aquatics great, the disappointed clerk replied, “So you lied to me?”

Manning said helium fumbled done an explanation. “I conscionable thought who you thought I was, was not who I am.”

That didn’t look to assistance either.

In the interrogation connected “The Tonight Show,” the “Monday Night Football with Peyton & Eli” prima besides revealed wherefore doesn’t hitch Tom Brady’s chemoreceptor successful the information that he’s beaten him doubly successful the Super Bowl. Check it out:

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