Elijah McClain's death caused by complications from ketamine injection following restraint, coroner says in amended autopsy report

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A photograph   of Elijah McClain is portion  of the "Say Their Names" memorial connected  Boston Common successful  Boston connected  November 16, 2020.

(CNN)The autopsy study for Elijah McClain, an unarmed Black antheral who died portion successful constabulary custody successful Colorado 3 years ago, has been changed to update the origin of decease from "undetermined" to "complications of ketamine medication pursuing forcible restraint," Adams County Chief Coroner Monica Broncucia-Jordan said Friday.

In August 2019, McClain, a 23-year-old massage therapist, was walking location from a store erstwhile helium was apprehended by Aurora constabulary officers responding to a "suspicious person" call. Police said McClain had resisted and helium was placed into a carotid hold.

Paramedics diagnosed McClain with "excited delirium" and administered the almighty sedative ketamine. He suffered a bosom onslaught connected the mode to the hospital. Three days later, helium was declared encephalon dead.

The archetypal autopsy study listed the origin of McClain's decease arsenic "undetermined."

The coroner's bureau received assemblage camera footage, witnesser statements and further records that were portion of a expansive assemblage probe and not disposable earlier the autopsy was performed, pathologist Dr. Stephen Cina wrote successful the amended autopsy report.

"Simply put, this dosage of ketamine was excessively overmuch for this idiosyncratic and it resulted successful an overdose, adjacent though the humor ketamine level was accordant with a 'therapeutic' concentration," CIna wrote. "I judge that Mr. McClain would astir apt beryllium live but for the medication of ketamine."

Cina, who was assisted astatine the autopsy by Broncucia-Jordan, wrote that based connected his grooming and experience, helium inactive believes the mode of decease is "Undetermined."

"I admit that different tenable forensic pathologists who person trained successful different places whitethorn person their doctrine regarding deaths successful custody and that they whitethorn see the mode of decease successful this benignant of lawsuit to beryllium either HOMICIDE oregon ACCIDENT," the pathologist added.

CIna could not find whether the carotid clasp contributed to McClain's death, helium added.

But "I person seen nary grounds that injuries inflicted by the constabulary contributed to death," helium wrote.

Elijah McClain autopsy revised owed  to expansive  assemblage   evidence, but coroner volition  not merchandise  caller   report

The amended autopsy study was signed successful July 2021. It was released Friday aft a Denver District Court justice approved the coroner's exigency motion.

McClain's decease days aft his interactions with constabulary brought renewed scrutiny of the usage of carotid holds and ketamine during instrumentality enforcement stops. His lawsuit gained renewed attraction during Black Lives Matter protests successful the aftermath of the constabulary killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Last twelvemonth a expansive assemblage indicted 3 constabulary officers and 2 paramedics progressive successful the McClain case. They look charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and different charges.

In 2021, the metropolis settled a civilian rights lawsuit with the McClain household for $15 million, and the Aurora constabulary and occurrence departments agreed to a consent decree to code a signifier of radical bias recovered by a authorities investigation.

CNN's Rebekah Riess contributed to this report.

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