Elizabeth Chambers Addresses The Armie Hammer Of It All After 2 Years Of Silence

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Elizabeth Chambers, the estranged woman of Armie Hammer, said the erstwhile mates are successful a “really large place” aft aggregate women accused the histrion of intersexual abuse.

The tv host, who divided with the “Call Me By Your Name” prima successful July 2020 following a decennary of marriage, broke her soundlessness astir 2 years aft assorted controversies began swirling astir the begetter of her 2 children, 7-year-old Harper and 5-year-old Ford.

“Our divorcement is not finalized. But we are successful a truly large place. We speech each the time. We’re committed afloat and wholly to our children, and to being unneurotic arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable successful a non-romantic mode for our kids,” she told E! News successful an exclusive interview published Wednesday. “Kids request their mom; kids request their dad. So there’s thing we won’t do.”

Hammer’s vocation went into a tailspin aft aggregate women said they received disturbing substance messages from the actor, sharing screenshots that elaborate convulsive intersexual fantasies related to rape and cannibalism. The disgraced prima has since been accused of rape by a pistillate with whom helium had been successful a relationship. Hammer has vehemently denied the maltreatment claims and sought attraction for drug, intoxicant and enactment issues.

Chambers, who present lives successful the Cayman Islands and has moved connected to a caller “committed relationship” with wellness therapist Ricardas Kazinec, said the “oxygen disguise theory” helped her process caller events.

“You can’t truly instrumentality attraction of idiosyncratic until you are taken attraction of,” she said, referencing airlines’ exigency instructions to “Secure your ain disguise earlier helping others.” Chambers besides shared that Hammer has prioritized his ain “healing” during this time.

“I’m present to enactment that process. It’s going to marque him the champion father, the champion idiosyncratic helium tin be. ... All that matters is that helium is the champion dada for our children,“ she continued. “Obviously helium processes everything other that he’s dealing with personally—and that’s his ain travel now.”

The allegations against the “Social Network” prima and his sordid household past are astatine the halfway of the caller docuseries “House of Hammer,” which premiered earlier this period and looks astatine the “the dark, twisted legacy” of his father, Michael, arsenic good arsenic gramps Julian and great-grandfather Armand.

Chambers revealed that she declined to look successful the bid but has seen it, saying the amusement was “obviously heartbreaking connected truthful galore levels” and “very painful” to watch.

“The past is the past and each we tin bash is instrumentality this arsenic a infinitesimal to larn and listen, and hopefully process and heal,” she said.

“I see myself a feminist and basal successful solidarity with anyone who has been a unfortunate of immoderate sort,” she clarified. “I’m not being here, like, ‘My beingness is amazing,’ due to the fact that it’s been hellhole for a agelong time.”

Hammer himself has yet to publically remark connected the docuseries, but an Entertainment Tonight source said the histrion was “trying to hole himself arsenic overmuch arsenic helium can” for immoderate revelations it would reveal.

As of July, the histrion was working astatine a edifice resort successful the Cayman Islands, selling timeshares to enactment and beryllium adjacent to his children.

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