Elizabeth Holmes Trial Exposes Investors' Lack of Due Diligence

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Start-up investors person often suspended skepticism portion chasing a blistery deal. The proceedings of Ms. Holmes, the laminitis of Theranos, has enactment that behaviour nether the spotlight.

Elizabeth Holmes, left, the laminitis  of failed blood-testing start-up Theranos, arriving astatine  tribunal  with her parent  successful  San Jose, Calif., past  week.
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Erin Griffith

Nov. 4, 2021, 3:19 p.m. ET

SAN JOSE, Calif. — In 2014, Dan Mosley, a lawyer and powerfulness broker among affluent families, asked the entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes for audited fiscal statements of Theranos, her humor investigating start-up. Theranos ne'er produced any, but Mr. Mosley invested $6 cardinal successful the institution anyhow — and wrote Ms. Holmes a gushing thank-you email for the opportunity.

Bryan Tolbert, an capitalist astatine Hall Group, said his steadfast invested $5 cardinal successful Theranos successful 2013, adjacent though it did not person a elaborate grasp of the start-up’s technologies oregon its enactment with pharmaceutical companies and the military.

And Lisa Peterson, who handles investments for Michigan’s affluent DeVos family, said she did not sojourn immoderate of Theranos’s investigating centers successful Walgreens stores, telephone immoderate Walgreens executives oregon prosecute immoderate extracurricular experts successful science, regulations oregon ineligible matters to verify the start-up’s claims. In 2014, the DeVos household invested $100 cardinal into the company.

The humiliating details of atrocious investments similar Theranos are seldom displayed truthful prominently to the public. But they person been laid bare successful caller weeks astatine the proceedings of Ms. Holmes, 37, who faces a twelve counts of ligament fraud and conspiracy to perpetrate ligament fraud; she has pleaded not guilty. She and Theranos fell from grace — with capitalist wealth evaporating and the company shutting down successful 2018 — aft claims astir its blood-testing exertion were shown to beryllium false.

Now successful its ninth week, Ms. Holmes’s proceedings has offered an particularly wide representation of the galore ways blase investors tin beryllium swept up successful the hype of a blistery start-up, ignoring reddish flags that look evident successful hindsight. That behaviour inactive resonates today, arsenic investors vie to determination wealth into Silicon Valley start-ups, which person been successful a frenzied authorities of record-breaking fund-raising.

With truthful galore caller investors flocking to start-ups, owed diligence is sometimes truthful minimal that it is used arsenic a punchline, investors said. An overheated marketplace “definitely creates an situation for radical to marque much inflated claims” and whitethorn adjacent tempt them to lie, said Shirish Nadkarni, a longtime entrepreneur, capitalist and author.

During its lifetime, Theranos exemplified that dynamic. The institution raised $945 cardinal from celebrated task capitalists including Tim Draper, Donald Lucas and Dixon Doll; affluent heirs to the founders of Amway, Walmart and Cox Communications; and almighty tech and media moguls specified arsenic Larry Ellison and Rupert Murdoch.

And arsenic investors person testified astatine Ms. Holmes’s trial, a cardinal hostility has emerged astir owed diligence. Could these investors person avoided catastrophe if they had simply done amended probe connected Theranos? Or were they doomed due to the fact that their probe was based connected lies?

Prosecutors person presented a increasing database of examples supporting the second argument. For example, Theranos added pharmaceutical institution logos to validation reports indicating the pharmaceutical firms had endorsed its exertion erstwhile they hadn’t, according to grounds and testimony. Theranos besides claimed successful precocious 2014 that it would bring successful $140 cardinal successful gross that twelvemonth erstwhile it had none, according to grounds and testimony. The start-up besides faked demos of its blood-testing machines to investors, witnesses person testified.


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In response, Ms. Holmes’s lawyers person needled Theranos’s investors for their oversights, aiming to person the assemblage that the investors were the ones astatine responsibility for not digging into Ms. Holmes’ claims.

Her lawyers precocious pushed Wade Miquelon, the erstwhile main fiscal serviceman of Walgreens, to admit that helium didn’t cognize if his institution had ever gotten 1 of Theranos’s devices successful its offices for investigating earlier entering into a partnership. The lawyers besides got Mr. Mosley to concede helium ne'er straight asked Ms. Holmes whether a pharmaceutical institution had written the validation report.

The strategy has sometimes veered into condescension. That was evident past week erstwhile Lance Wade, a lawyer for Ms. Holmes, asked Ms. Peterson, an concern professional, if she was acquainted with the conception of owed diligence.

“You recognize that’s a emblematic happening to bash successful investing?” helium said.

The investors person pushed back, explaining that they were acting connected mendacious accusation supplied by Ms. Holmes.

“You’re trying to measurement our sophistication arsenic an capitalist erstwhile we weren’t fixed implicit information,” Ms. Peterson said. Mr. Wade asked the justice to onslaught the remark from the record.

Still, grounds from pharmaceutical institution executives who interacted with Theranos showed it was imaginable to spot done astatine slightest immoderate of Ms. Holmes’s grandiose claims.

Constance Cullen, a erstwhile manager astatine Schering Plough, said this week that she was liable for evaluating Theranos’s exertion successful 2009. She said she came distant “dissatisfied” with Ms. Holmes’s answers to her method questions, calling them “cagey” and indirect. She said she stopped responding to emails from Ms. Holmes.

Shane Weber, a manager astatine Pfizer, looked into Theranos successful 2008 and concluded that the company’s responses to his method questions were “oblique, deflective oregon evasive,” according to a memo utilized arsenic evidence. He recommended Pfizer cease moving with Theranos.

Who’s Who successful the Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Erin Woo
Erin Woo📍Reporting from San Jose, Calif.

Who’s Who successful the Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Erin Woo
Erin Woo📍Reporting from San Jose, Calif.
Carlos Chavarria for The New York Times

Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced laminitis of the humor investigating start-up Theranos, stands proceedings for 2 counts of conspiracy to perpetrate ligament fraud and 10 counts of ligament fraud.

Here are immoderate of the cardinal figures successful the lawsuit →

But investors were little probing, particularly erstwhile Ms. Holmes appealed to their egos. Her persona arsenic a visionary, bolstered by mag screen stories and idiosyncratic eccentricities, created a consciousness that backing Theranos was an exclusive and elite opportunity.

In grounds and evidence, Ms. Holmes was shown to person guarded accusation astir the business, calling it a commercialized secret. She told investors she sought retired affluent families who would not privation to spot a instrumentality connected their concern anytime soon, making those that she picked consciousness peculiar with ceremonial invitations. And she controlled the institution tightly with “supervoting” shares worthy 100 times the powerfulness of different shares.

“She has a steadfast grasp connected the company, fto determination beryllium nary mistake,” Christopher Lucas, a Theranos investor, said connected a telephone with different investors that was recorded and played successful court. “She would person the close to formed retired investors.”

That power extended to owed diligence. Ms. Peterson testified that she was frightened Ms. Holmes would chopped her steadfast retired of the woody if they dug deeper into the details of Theranos’s business.

“We were precise cautious not to circumvent things and upset Elizabeth,” she said. “If we did excessively much, we wouldn’t beryllium invited backmost to invest.”

Mr. Nadkarni, the longtime investor, said specified behaviour sounded familiar. He said helium had observed a loosening of diligence successful deals he’s been progressive with implicit the past year.

It hasn’t led to galore problems portion times were good, helium said, but “if thing happens to the economy, past everyone is going to beryllium toast.”

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