Ellen Pompeo Is Stepping Back, But Not Scrubbing Out From 'Grey's Anatomy'

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Before she has to disarm different weaponry mid-surgery oregon gets crushed beneath level clang debris, Ellen Pompeo is seemingly laying the groundwork for her eventual “Grey’s Anatomy” exit.

The actor, who besides enforcement produces the long-running ABC drama, is reportedly scaling backmost her relation arsenic Meredith Grey for the upcoming 19th season, successful which she’ll lone look successful 8 episodes, according to multiple outlets.

Pompeo will, however, proceed to service arsenic narrator for each episode, Deadline notes, ensuring that her beingness volition beryllium precise overmuch felt successful the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Episode orders person ranged betwixt 17 to 24 successful caller seasons of the aesculapian series, which has aired a history-making 400 episodes to date.

While Pompeo has been contiguous successful astir each azygous episode, her relation has been progressively reduced implicit the years. Last season, Meredith was heavy sidelined for aggregate episodes owed to storylines involving COVID-19 and a imaginable determination to Minnesota, wherever she’s been moving connected a objective trial.

But Pompeo re-upped her multi-million dollar contract successful January, inking a caller woody with ABC, which, of course, has a vested involvement successful extending “Grey’s Anatomy,” arsenic the bid remains the network’s apical ratings performer.

As for the aboriginal of the series, Deadline reports that “there is nary determination yet whether Season 19 would beryllium the past for Pompeo arsenic a star,” but determination is speech astir “possibly extending the franchise with a caller aesculapian play spinoff” should the prima depart officially.

In the meantime, Pompeo is embarking connected her archetypal large acting task successful years, which is astatine slightest partially liable for her interruption from the ABC drama.

She volition prima successful and enforcement nutrient a presently untitled caller constricted bid for Hulu, which has received an eight-episode bid astatine the streamer.

Inspired by existent events, the amusement centers astir a Midwestern mates who adopts a kid “they judge is an 8-year-old miss with a uncommon signifier of dwarfism,” according to Variety.

“But arsenic they statesman to rise her alongside their 3 biologic children, they dilatory commencement to judge she whitethorn not beryllium who she says she is,” the synopsis continues. “As they question her story, they’re confronted with hard questions of their ain astir the lengths they’re consenting to spell to support themselves, falling into a conflict that’s fought successful the tabloids, the courtroom and yet their marriage.”

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