Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick to perceive arguments Tuesday connected scope of issues, specified arsenic whether allegations from whistleblower ailment tin beryllium added to countersuit

Elon Musk is seeking to adhd allegations made by Twitter’s erstwhile caput of information successful a whistleblower ailment to his statement for terminating his $44 cardinal takeover of the social-media platform.

Photo: Michael Gonzalez/Getty Images

Updated Sept. 2, 2022 8:38 p.m. ET

The Delaware justice overseeing the ineligible battle betwixt Elon Musk and Twitter Inc. scheduled a proceeding adjacent week for oral arguments implicit a scope of issues, including Mr. Musk’s petition to amend his countersuit.

Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick said successful a filing Friday she volition see respective pending ineligible motions from some parties, specified arsenic Mr. Musk’s caller petition to adhd allegations from a whistleblower complaint by Twitter’s erstwhile caput of security, Pieter Zatko, to his counterclaims. Mr. Musk has besides requested that the five-day nonjury proceedings beryllium pushed to November from October.

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