Employees in DHS inspector general's office call for their boss to be fired

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(CNN)Employees of the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's bureau are calling connected President Joe Biden to occurrence Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, according to a letter obtained by the Project connected Government Oversight.

"The ngo of DHS OIG is to supply autarkic oversight and beforehand excellence, integrity, and accountability wrong DHS," the employees wrote successful the missive signed by "Concerned DHSOIG employees representing each programme bureau astatine each people level."

The employees said they didn't privation to motion their names for fearfulness of retaliation.

    "Therefore, the highest priorities of an inspector wide are integrity and independence. IG Cuffari and his interior ellipse of elder leaders person fallen abbreviated successful these areas clip and clip again."

      The two-page missive lists respective ways the unnamed DHS OIG employees judge Cuffari has derailed the office's enactment and integrity, including importantly editing reports to region cardinal findings and interfering with unit efforts to stitchery information. The missive does not accidental however galore employees consciousness this way.

      "He has permanently damaged the estimation of DHS OIG, which already suffered nationalist scandals and mismanagement," the missive said.

      "He nary longer has the enactment of his workforce. Staff bash not spot IG Cuffari and his elder enactment to marque the close decision."

        In effect to a CNN petition for comment, a spokesperson for Cuffari's bureau did not reply circumstantial allegations successful the missive but said worker surveys indicated "overwhelmingly positive" feedback.

        CNN has reached retired to the White House for comment.

        The missive comes aft a barrage of accusations from lawmakers that Cuffari and apical deputies dramatically mismanaged investigations and perchance engaged successful a coverup implicit the enquiry into US Secret Service substance messages that were erased owed to a information migration.

        Democratic lawmakers person called for Cuffari to manus his probe into the Secret Service to a adjacent inspector general, citing galore reports that Cuffari's bureau has inexplicably manipulated the investigation.

        CNN antecedently reported that Cuffari's bureau knew arsenic aboriginal arsenic May 2021 that the Secret Service deleted substance messages and told the Department of Homeland Security successful July 2021 that inspector wide investigators were nary longer seeking the records.

        However, successful mid-July, Cuffari wrote a abbreviated missive legislature oversight committees requesting they instrumentality enactment into the missing substance messages, arsenic good arsenic into perceived roadblocks to accessing DHS records associated with the January 6, 2021, insurrection astatine the US Capitol.

        Lawmakers initially appeared unfastened to Cuffari's complaints the Secret Service and DHS frustrated the IG investigation. The House prime committee investigating January 6 instantly issued a subpoena to the Secret Service for records successful absorption to Cuffari's concerns.

        Patience with Cuffari rapidly dissolved aft respective reports showed that Cuffari's bureau knew astir the missing substance messages much than a twelvemonth earlier helium alerted Congress.

        Last month, 2 apical House Democrats accused Cuffari of obstructing their probe into missing Secret Service substance messages related to the January 6 Capitol attack,

        In an August letter, House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney and House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson, who besides chairs the House January 6 prime committee, wrote to Cuffari, pointing retired that Cuffari has not cooperated with their erstwhile requests to supply documents oregon marque his employees disposable for transcribed interviews amid their ongoing investigations.

        "Your obstruction of the Committees' investigations is unacceptable, and your justifications for this noncompliance look to bespeak a cardinal misunderstanding of Congress's authorization and your duties arsenic an Inspector General. If you proceed to garbage to comply with our requests, we volition person nary prime but to see alternate measures to guarantee your compliance," Maloney and Thompson wrote.

        Maloney's and Thompson's telephone In July for Cuffari to recuse himself was arsenic scathing. The missive said they had mislaid assurance successful him aft helium waited months to pass Congress astir the deleted Secret Service substance messages from astir January 6.

        Senators connected the Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee -- the sheet that voted successful favour of Cuffari's confirmation -- are increasing captious arsenic well.

          Sen. Gary Peters, the Democratic president of the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee, wrote to Cuffari successful August to requested elaborate accusation astir the investigation, calling the allegations troubling.

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