EMT revives hockey player who stopped breathing on the ice 

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BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) — A assemblage pupil is being credited with redeeming the beingness of a precocious schoolhouse hockey subordinate aft she collapsed connected the ice.

It happened Sunday day astatine the Super Rink successful Blaine, during a girls hockey game.

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“Somebody said she went down and past tried to get up and past she collapsed,” said manager Bill Manuel.

It was the title crippled of the Premiere Prep League. And successful the mediate of it each Manuel saw a subordinate autumn awkwardly to the ice, not due to the fact that of a collision but due to the fact that she had stopped breathing.

Zoe Sternberg, a pupil astatine St. Catherine University, was the EMT connected tract and rushed retired to the girl. She couldn’t a pulse truthful she began CPR.

“I was reasoning OK, she’s going to travel around,” Manuel said. “She’s going to travel around. But she’s not coming around. She’s not coming around.”

But Sternberg didn’t springiness up. After what seemed similar an eternity, adjacent though it was astir 3 minutes, the miss yet opened her eyes.

“All of the abrupt she took a heavy enactment and her eyes… I’ll ne'er hide that look of, Oh my God what happened,” Manuel said. “I retrieve looking crossed astatine Zoe the EMT. I conscionable looked astatine her and said, you conscionable saved this girl’s life.”

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In a connection Monday, Sternberg said, “I americium blessed that the jock is OK, and that I had the grooming to beryllium capable to assistance her. It was lone my 2nd time connected the job, and I happened to beryllium successful the close spot astatine the close time.”

“Have to commend Zoe. Quick-thinking. Spring into action. Doing her training. The large happening is she kept everyone calm,” said Courtney Stevens, adjunct arena manager astatine Super Rink.

Stevens said that the arena was arsenic quiescent arsenic she’s ever heard it portion Sternberg was performing CPR.

The arena besides has 3 AEDs. And portion idiosyncratic brought 1 onto the ice, it wasn’t needed.

“It’s immense for bid of mind. Things tin hap to players. Things tin hap to parents, spectators. Even to radical here,” Stevens said.

The subordinate who collapses is simply a elder successful precocious school. She was taken to Mercy Hospital successful Coon Rapids and kept overnight. Doctors were performing tests connected her heart, but she is expected to beryllium OK.

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