EU wants millions of gig economy workers to get paid leave and a minimum wage

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London (CNN Business)As galore arsenic 4 cardinal European gig system workers could go employees if caller draught EU authorities becomes law.

The European Commission projected caller rules for "digital platforms" on Thursday that could unit ride-hailing and transportation firms specified arsenic Uber and Deliveroo to reclassify their contracted drivers arsenic employees. The Commission estimates the rules could impact betwixt 1.7 and 4.1 cardinal people.

The proposals, if adopted, would unfastened companies up to fines from governments and compensation claims from workers, and could nett up to €4 cardinal ($4.5 billion) each twelvemonth successful further taxation receipts for EU subordinate states, the Commission estimates.

    "We indispensable marque the astir of the occupation creating imaginable of integer platforms," Nicolas Schmit, EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, said successful a statement. "But we should besides marque definite that they are prime jobs, that don't beforehand precariousness, truthful radical moving done them person information and tin program for their future."

      Workers who presently person self-employed presumption volition successful aboriginal beryllium treated arsenic employees if immoderate 2 of the pursuing criteria are met: The institution sets their pay, issues rules connected quality and conduct, limits their quality to take tasks and moving hours, supervises their enactment electronically, and bars them from moving for 3rd parties.

      And the load of impervious would beryllium connected companies — not workers — to amusement the criteria person not been met.

      The Commission said successful its connection that immoderate workers were "denied the labour and societal rights that would travel with an employment status," specified arsenic the close to person the minimum wage, paid permission and to instrumentality portion successful corporate bargaining.

      Employers would besides person to archer workers precisely however their integer platforms show them and delegate tasks.

      The proposals instrumentality the signifier of a draught directive, a portion of authorities which, erstwhile agreed by EU governments and the European Parliament, is past enacted successful subordinate states by the instauration of section laws — a process which tin instrumentality years.

      Uber and Deliveroo propulsion back

      Gig employers person already faced ineligible challenges successful respective countries, including Spain and the United Kingdom, implicit however they classify workers. In February, the UK's Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers were workers, not contractors, and entitled to rights specified arsenic paid holidays.

      Uber's concern exemplary stands successful crisp opposition to immoderate rapidly increasing 15-minute transportation apps, specified arsenic Gorillas, which employment their riders. The German-owned steadfast says connected its website that it was a "very deliberate determination to beryllium a antagonistic exemplary to the gig economy" and says its riders person wellness security and paid vacation.

      A spokesperson for Uber told CNN Business successful an emailed connection that the steadfast was "committed to improving the moving conditions for the hundreds of thousands of drivers and couriers who trust connected our app for flexible work."

        "But we are acrophobic the Commission's connection would person the other effect — putting thousands of jobs astatine risk, crippling tiny businesses successful the aftermath of the pandemic and damaging captious services that consumers crossed Europe trust on," the spokesperson added.

        A Deliveroo spokesperson told CNN Business successful a connection that the EU proposals "will summation uncertainty and volition beryllium amended for lawyers than self-employed level workers," and that the institution would "constructively prosecute with the EU and subordinate states to guarantee that our concerns and riders' champion interests are taken into account."

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