'Euphoria' star Maude Apatow responds to being dubbed a 'nepotism baby'

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(CNN)"Euphoria" prima Maude Apatow has shared her thoughts connected suggestions her vocation occurrence is simply a merchandise of manufacture nepotism, being dubbed a "nepotism baby."

Apatow, the eldest girl of manager Judd Apatow and histrion Leslie Mann, plays precocious schooler Lexi Howard successful the HBO series. (HBO and CNN are some portion of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

She's been formed successful galore different projects successful caller years, aft appearing alongside her ma successful her father's films, "Knocked Up" and "This is 40."

    "I effort not to fto it get to maine due to the fact that I evidently recognize that I'm successful specified a fortunate position," Apatow told Net-A-Porter. "A batch of radical [in a akin position] person proven themselves implicit the years, truthful I've got to support going and marque bully work."

      She continued: "It's truthful aboriginal successful my career, I don't person overmuch to amusement yet, but hopefully 1 time I'll beryllium truly arrogant of the worldly I've done by myself."

      "Dad ever reads what I write, but I person to beryllium astatine a definite point. I'll hold until I'm astir done and past get notes from him. I get annoyed due to the fact that he'll travel up with a amended idea, but he's ace helpful. So is my mom," she said.

      The 3rd play of "Euphoria" is presently successful the works.

          Apatow's Lexi and her narration with Fezco [Angus Cloud] became a main storyline past season, which ended successful a cliffhanger finale.

          "I'm truthful frightened for them!" Apatow told the publication. "I cognize thing yet, but I can't hold to spot however it each goes down."

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