Event promotes girls in manufacturing careers

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - BCTC offers a scope of courses and connected September 10, 2022, the Georgetown field wanted to animate the younger procreation of girls to research the thought of moving successful manufacturing. The schoolhouse invited mediate and precocious schoolers each crossed Kentucky to sojourn their campus, get immoderate hands-on experience, and inquire questions from radical successful the field.

From manufacturing to electrical exertion to robotics and much BCTC adjacent has a important magnitude f pistillate module members that tin springiness these women relation models to look up to. One of those mentors and module members is Sara Palmer. She erstwhile was similar girls present today, learning astir manufacturing jobs, and aft taking classes astatine BCTC and gaining real-world acquisition she present wants to springiness back.

“This is simply a tract that is filled with tons of openings close present and it not lone has openings for jobs, but besides careers. So these careers that you tin get with the degrees from these fields extremity up being lifelong careers, good paying, and determination is simply a hige request for this occupation tract close now. So we truly privation to unfastened up the accidental to females excessively due to the fact that traditionally, this is simply a male-dominated field, but determination is nary crushed females can’t enactment too,” said Palmer.

With the hands-on experience, the girls tin instrumentality distant that doing these activities and learning these skills tin beryllium for everyone to beryllium capable to execute and adjacent girls tin instrumentality portion successful it. If you would similar much accusation connected these programs you tin spell to the BCTC website.

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