Every F1 grand prix promoter wants a sprint race, says Brawn

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Formula One F1 - 70th Anniversary Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - August 9, 2020 Cars connected the grid earlier the lukewarm up thigh Pool via REUTERS/Bryn Lennon/File Photo

LONDON, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Every Formula One expansive prix promoter wants to clasp a sprint contention but lone six are apt adjacent play aft the experimentation of 3 this year, F1's motorsport caput Ross Brawn said connected Monday.

Next year's F1 calendar is owed to diagnostic a grounds 23 rounds.

Britain's Silverstone, Italy's Monza and Brazil's Interlagos were the circuits chosen to effort the format this twelvemonth and Brawn, speaking to reporters by video conference, did not accidental which would get the motion successful 2022.

Further talks with teams and stakeholders volition beryllium held aft this month's Brazilian Grand Prix, the last signifier of the valuation process.

"We've successful rule agreed with the teams that we volition look toward six (sprint) events for adjacent year," said Brawn. "Our presumption is that we should instrumentality immoderate progressive steps for adjacent twelvemonth but not extremist steps.

"That's partially due to the fact that we person the caller car coming on and everyone needs to settee down with the caller car ... we request to spot the interaction of the caller car."

Formula One is undergoing large changes adjacent twelvemonth with larger tyres and a rules overhaul aimed astatine making overtaking easier and racing person and much entertaining.

The sprint format features qualifying brought guardant to the Friday, aft 1 signifier session, for a Saturday 100km contention that past decides the starting grid for Sunday's main event.


"I deliberation it’s wide that each promoter we person would similar to person a sprint," said Brawn, who did not regularisation retired the format yet being utilized astatine a bulk of grands prix.

"There’s a fig of factors we’ve got to instrumentality into consideration. One is the dispersed done the year. How bash we dispersed these events done the year?

"It’s astir apt not thing we’d privation to person astatine the archetypal race, astir apt not thing we privation astatine the past contention ... it would beryllium bully to person a assortment (of circuits)."

Brawn has said successful the past that Monaco, a choky and twisty thoroughfare circuit wherever overtaking is highly difficult, would beryllium unsuited to the format and helium said connected Monday it would beryllium "probably bottommost of the list.

"It's astir apt the astir challenging circuit to person a sprint ... but ne'er accidental never," helium added.

Points person been awarded this play for the apical 3 drivers successful the sprint, successful a 3-2-1 system, but Brawn said that could beryllium expanded adjacent twelvemonth to supply much of an inducement done the field.

He said the archetypal connection had been for the sprint to person astir a 3rd of the points connected connection successful the main contention and that could hap successful 2022.

"We deliberation that volition beryllium the starting constituent for the discussion," helium explained.

"Something astir that bid truthful it's important capable to beryllium worthy going for, it goes acold capable down for radical successful little positions to inactive privation to combat for it but not of a fig that has an over-influence connected the championship."

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