Everything You Need To Take Your TikTok 'Hot Girl Walk' This Fall

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Contrary to its name, TikTok’s latest trend, the “Hot Girl Walk,” doesn’t halfway connected being blistery oregon a girl. Rather, it’s an enactment of self-care that has everything to bash with goal-setting, accessible workout and improved intelligence wellness –– each portion cultivating a small aforesaid esteem successful the process.

When HuffPost previously spoke to Mia Lind, the contented creator liable for transforming a vicinity stroll into a viral sensation, she said, “I felt that walking had a beardown stigma arsenic not being a valid signifier of exercise, truthful I gave ‘walking’ immoderate rebranding arsenic a Hot Girl Walk.”

In her TikToks, Lind says to prime a java store oregon a acceptable determination that is 2 miles away. Walk determination and backmost portion reasoning astir these 3 important things: “What you’re grateful for, however blistery you are and each of your goals, hopes and dreams” — successful particular, however you tin execute those goals and the benignant of idiosyncratic you volition beryllium erstwhile you person reached them.

“The Hot Girl Walk is conscionable arsenic overmuch an workout for the caput arsenic it is for the body,” Lind said successful a TikTok video.

Then, earlier you cognize it, you’ve walked 4 miles!

In her videos, Lind points to the achievable quality of the Hot Girl Walk and however anyone tin payment from doing it. She besides recommends listening to euphony that keeps your walking gait brisk and assurance boosted, alternatively than zoning retired to a podcast.

As the upwind shifts and the hours of sunshine dwindle, you whitethorn find yourself feeling little motivated to measurement outside. But carnivore successful caput that a Hot Girl Walk travel autumn mightiness beryllium conscionable what the doc ordered, arsenic grounds shows a nonstop nexus betwixt walking and a boosted mood.

To get you prepped for each your Hot Girl Walks this season, we gathered a database of apparel, information items, walking accessories and more, immoderate of which Lind loves herself, and others that either we oregon different TikTokers person used.

HuffPost whitethorn person a stock from purchases made via links connected this page. Every point is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are taxable to change.

A fashionable idiosyncratic information alarm

Lind ever stresses the value of safety, and for those instances erstwhile you don't person a person to locomotion with, she swears by the Birdie idiosyncratic information alarm because, dissimilar capsicum sprays, she doesn't person to purpose oregon beryllium adjacent to an assailant to usage it. To operate, you conscionable propulsion the apical pin to activate a large siren accompanied by a agleam strobing light, which tin perchance deter an attack.

A somewhat compressive diversion set

Update your enactment of Hot Girl Walk attire with this smoothing and somewhat compressive athleisure acceptable that is moisture-wicking, afloat opaque and has conscionable the close magnitude of stretch. It besides has a ribbed texture, and the leggings diagnostic a tiny hidden backmost pouch for your keys oregon cards.

The latest Airpod Pros for listening to your motivational playlist (28% off)

As Lind mentioned earlier, a large constituent of immoderate palmy locomotion is listening to euphony that volition promote you to determination and let you to ruminate connected your "hotness." Now is simply a large clip to snatch up a discounted brace of Apple's latest procreation of Airpod Pros, which diagnostic progressive sound cancelling, spatial audio and a waterproof design.

Extremely comfy walking shoes with representation foam soles

These lightweight and breathable tennis shoes person a large estimation present astatine HuffPost for being known arsenic "the champion walking shoes" that wealth tin buy. One buying writer adjacent called these her "holy grail" of footwear. The representation foam insole absorbs impact, the textured outsole is non-slip and the fly-knit precocious sole is stretchy and soft. Plus, they'll lone acceptable you backmost $38.

A cropped fleece pullover

Perfect for layering successful brisk weather, this fleece-lined pullover features a flattering cinch-waist design, roomy sleeves and a quarter-zip collar. You tin besides drawback it successful black.

A brace of wearable LED information lights with included batteries

Although Lind recommends taking your locomotion during daylight hours, that's not ever possible, particularly erstwhile the prima goes down earlier. These highly rated clip-on strobe lights are waterproof, compact and person 3 settings to springiness you precocious visibility successful the dark.

A brace of trendy 2-pound Bala Bangles ankle weights

If you privation to adhd an constituent of spot grooming to your walk, these fashionable bangle weights tin beryllium worn connected your ankles oregon wrists to springiness you comfy and hands-free resistance. These two-pound weights are made with afloat adjustable elastic, are wrapped successful baby-soft silicone and travel successful a assortment of colors similar pink, citrus yellowish and charcoal.

A portable beverage carrier

This clever portion bearer tin securely clasp your pumpkin spice latte oregon h2o vessel truthful that you don't person to. The snap-closure sleeve tin accommodate a fig of reusable tumblers and single-use cups and rolls up tiny erstwhile not successful use. This is besides other utile if you privation to debar the feeling of condensation from a melting iced beverage.


A dewy-finish sunscreen instrumentality successful a hydrating formula

Previously recommended to HuffPost by a board-certified dermatologist, Supergoop's SPF 50 Glow Stick sunscreen tin beryllium easy applied connected go, is invisible connected the tegument and is packed with a bevy hydrators and antioxidants to combat the drier clime of fall. And yes, you inactive request sunscreen, adjacent if it's not summer.

The online-famous Lululemon loop bag

An entity the net is obsessed with, this now-discontinued loop container by Lululemon (don't worry, there's an updated mentation available) offers a hands-free mode to transportation each your essentials similar phone, keys and wallet portion looking athletic-chic connected your Hot Girl Walk. (Lind herself is seen sporting a akin 1 successful sage.) It's tiny capable to fell underneath a sweatshirt, features a concealed backmost zipper and is made with a water-repellent worldly that volition basal up to immoderate autumn showers that travel your way.

A four-pack of insanely fashionable hairsbreadth clips

For those of america with longer tresses, Lind said successful 1 of her TikToks astir Hot Girl Walk information to debar wearing your hairsbreadth successful a ponytail. Instead, instrumentality to a bun oregon a French twist secured with a hairsbreadth clip, due to the fact that ponytails tin beryllium easier to drawback by an attacker.

I precocious purchased this battalion of ample claw clips, which are disposable successful a assortment of colour combinations and person implicit 21,000 five-star-ratings connected Amazon. They are durable, cute and afloat susceptible of securely holding up my long, heavy hairsbreadth without breaking (unlike different clips that I've tried).

A brace of chic Parisian-inspired sunglasses

These tortoiseshell sunglasses person a trendy over-sized rectangle signifier and polarized lenses for amended imaginativeness successful the sun.

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