Ew, David, Your Book Is a Best Seller!

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Book Review|Ew, David, Your Book Is a Best Seller!


Inside the Best-Seller List

Daniel Levy (right) and Eugene Levy teamed up   to constitute   “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards.”
Credit...From left: Jose Mandojana; Caitlin Cronenberg
  • Nov. 4, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET

SCHITT’S PEAK In the darkest, loneliest, astir discombobulating days of the pandemic, the six-season bid “Schitt’s Creek” provided unexpected solace. Its viral stardom made a definite benignant of sense: The amusement follows the travails of a formerly affluent household that finds itself marooned successful a roadside motel successful a nowheresville town, with small anticipation of returning to a acquainted beingness and the astir rudimentary tools for gathering a caller one. Who couldn’t subordinate to the Roses’ slow-dawning realization that the satellite had irrevocably changed?

This week, “Schitt’s Creek” makes its debut connected the best-seller list, with “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards,” an authoritative tie-in by the show’s father-son co-creators, Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy (who are, respectively, the patriarch and the elder sibling of the Rose family). The publication is simply a colorful compendium of behind-the-scenes Schittsiana (if I may), including a look astatine the Roses’ bookshelf, which consists of a mini-library of wholly fictional — arsenic in, made up — volumes ranging from “Cypher Mind” to “Banshees connected a Plane” to Johnny Rose’s publication to the business/self-help/leadership genre, “Fast Forward to Success.”

“Our accumulation plan squad went mode supra and beyond with the props,” Daniel Levy writes. “The publication jackets were designed, beforehand and backmost with copy, creation and evocative titles. The level of attraction and item that was enactment successful was truthful bonzer and it did not spell unnoticed.”

GIRL POWER Rick Riordan is specified a seasoned of the mediate people best-seller list, helium whitethorn deliberation it’s nary large woody to find himself determination yet again, this clip with “Daughter of the Deep” astatine No. 2. But Riordan’s latest novel, a modern-day homage to Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” has an important distinction: It’s his archetypal 1 focused exclusively connected a young woman. On his website, Riordan explains, “Though evidently I’ve had tons of pistillate protagonists successful my erstwhile novels, this publication is told first-person solely from the constituent of presumption of Ana Dakkar, a precocious schoolhouse freshman who learns her parentage is each spot arsenic analyzable arsenic Percy Jackson’s, though it has to bash with science, not Greek gods.” In an instauration to “Daughter of the Deep,” Roshani Chokshi, the writer of the Star-Touched Queen duology, writes, “Ana is everything I wished I could beryllium astatine 15.”

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