Ex-DHS Aide Suggests She 'Went Very Public' Because She Didn't Trust Inspector General

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Olivia Troye, a erstwhile Department of Homeland Security and counterterrorism advisor to erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence, said Friday there’s a crushed she “went precise public” astir quitting her occupation successful 2020 ― and suggested existent investigations into the missing Secret Service substance messages impact the aforesaid person.

Troye appeared connected CNN arsenic portion of a sheet alongside erstwhile CIA cause Phil Mudd and authorities morals adept Norm Eisen erstwhile she made these claims. News anchor Jim Sciutto asked Troye wherefore the missing messages, which are linked to the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, weren’t actively preserved.

“It’s a small surprising,” said Troye. “I person worked method migrations successful the government, and I find it a small spot confusing that radical were not alert that these messages were going to disappear, particularly with the magnitude of readying that goes into these migrations. I tin archer you that firsthand having done it.”

“I came from DHS,” Troye told CNN. “When you enactment astatine the elder levels successful the Trump medication … you cognize precisely wherever people’s loyalties lie. I cognize [Ken] Cuccinelli and Chad Wolf and each these radical and Cuffari precise well.” (Cuccinelli and Wolf were the acting leaders astatine DHS astatine the time.)

Cuffari notably waited much than 1 twelvemonth to study that messages were missing to the House Jan. 6 committee. However, helium archetypal learned of the messages successful May 2021 — 7 months earlier alerting them, according to CNN.

Troye, who famously quit the Trump medication successful 2020 implicit its lacking COVID-19 pandemic response, past linked that acquisition to the DHS inspector general’s bureau ― which was led by Cuffari astatine the time.

“There is simply a crushed that I went precise nationalist with my concerns astir the Trump administration, alternatively than going done the accepted whistleblower process, which would person led maine done the inspector general’s bureau astatine DHS,” Troye said Friday connected CNN.

“And I’ll conscionable accidental that. So, there’s a level of spot determination that you understand.”

A elder forensics expert successful Cuffari’s bureau had already prepared to cod immoderate of the applicable phones erstwhile 1 of the deputies who “report to Cuffari’s team” emailed investigators connected Feb. 18 and instructed them not to determination forward, sources told The Washington Post.

“I’ve got to archer you, being a Trump admin person, astir of the medication communicated connected encrypted awesome apps, apps similar Signal,” said Troye. “So, a batch of the times, these messages were apt disappearing. So ... it’s a small spot suspect.”

The important  texts could overgarment   a clearer representation   of the Trump administration's imaginable   engagement  successful  the Jan. 6 insurrection.
The important texts could overgarment a clearer representation of the Trump administration's imaginable engagement successful the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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Troye went connected to add: “You tin either crook successful your authorities telephone ― was determination an encrypted app connected it? Was it connected their idiosyncratic phone? In immoderate case, it seems these messages are gone either way.”

Mudd, a CNN counterterrorism analyst, called the handling of the concern “beyond incompetence.” Mudd joined the CIA successful 1985 arsenic an expert specializing successful the Middle East and South Asia during President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

“How tin the inspector wide spell to Congress present and accidental that you tin spot maine to behaviour ongoing investigations erstwhile determination are these gaps of reporting to you? I deliberation the inspector wide has to go,” Mudd said.

“What the heck was the main accusation serviceman astatine DHS doing?” Mudd added. “If you’re migrating data, the archetypal question you person for idiosyncratic who grew up with a manual typewriter is, is that information backed up? Not lone due to the fact that you are expected to bash that, but due to the fact that the instrumentality says you person to bash that.”

Eisen, a CNN ineligible analyst, went adjacent further successful suggesting that the Justice Department is “undoubtedly” considering superior penalties for those perchance progressive successful the alleged negligence — oregon imaginable cover-up connected behalf of the Trump administration.

“How galore coincidences are we going to person involving DHS and the Secret Service and these missing messages connected the astir important play of clip that our federation has confronted successful decades?” Eisen asked.

“I mean, it conscionable strains belief,” helium added. “We don’t privation to prejudge, but [the] DOJ is undoubtedly taking a hard look astatine immoderate of the national penalties that tin see transgression penalties if we find that this was not an accident, that it was not negligence, that was not coincidence aft coincidence — but thing intentional was going connected here.”

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