Ex-Queen: Jordan Prince Who Feuded With King Still Not Free

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AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — A Jordanian prince who was enactment nether location apprehension by his half-brother, King Abdullah II, successful the outpouring is inactive not free, his parent alleged, drafting caller attraction to a ungraded that exposed the typically guarded royal household to uncommon nationalist scrutiny.

The rift betwixt Abdullah and Prince Hamzah erupted successful April, erstwhile the king confined the fashionable younger royal to his home, alleging helium had conspired with others to destabilize the kingdom. Hamzah denied the claims and alleged corruption astatine the highest levels.

Hamzah hasn’t been seen successful nationalist for months. The king has said the substance is being dealt with by the family, and that Hamzah is nether his care. Separately, Hamzah’s purported co-conspirators—a erstwhile caput of the royal tribunal and a distant comparative of the king — were convicted of sedition by Jordan’s authorities information tribunal this summertime and each sentenced to 15 years successful prison.

Late Wednesday, Hamzah’s parent Noor, a erstwhile queen, made a uncommon nationalist remark astir the ungraded successful a tweet marking the day of her granddaughter Zein.

“Inshallah, her begetter volition beryllium justly freed ASAP, and capable to supply a natural, hopeful and uplifting and genuine Jordanian upbringing for her and each the family,” Noor wrote.

She did not supply details astir Hamzah’s situation.

Noor was the 4th woman of the precocious King Hussein, Abdullah’s father. She has lived extracurricular Jordan for years, mostly successful the United States, She concisely commented connected her son’s detention successful the spring.

The royal tribunal declined remark Thursday.

Hamzah’s relation successful the royal rift has been astatine the halfway of clashing narratives. He is either a fashionable champion of mean Jordanians suffering from economical mismanagement and corruption, oregon a disgruntled royal who ne'er forgave Abdullah for taking distant his rubric of crown prince successful 2004.

The ungraded provided a uncommon glimpse astatine the interior workings of Jordan’s ruling family, which has typically been guarded and private. Criticism of the king and his household are considered a “red line” successful nationalist sermon that Jordanians indispensable not cross.

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