Ex-RNC Spokesperson Issues Chilling Trump Warning For 2024 Election

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A erstwhile spokesperson for the Republican National Committee is informing voters to instrumentality Donald Trump’s flirtations with a imaginable 2024 statesmanlike tally precise seriously.

Tim Miller, a erstwhile lawman communications manager for the RNC, wrote successful The Bulwark that online betting markets person gone precise bullish connected erstwhile President Trump, with him present the odds-on favourite successful most.

He wrote:

“The twice-impeached, disgraced loser who was schlonged successful the 2020 election, tried to enactment successful powerfulness against the volition of the people, and past came 10 cowardly Republican senators distant from being disqualified from ever moving for bureau again, is present much apt than immoderate different idiosyncratic successful the satellite to instrumentality the adjacent oath of bureau connected the Capitol steps connected January 20, 2025.”

“How is that for immoderate weird shit?” added Miller, who besides served arsenic communications manager for Jeb Bush’s failed 2016 statesmanlike campaign.

He urged the media to commencement taking the erstwhile president earnestly “rather than a drunk uncle whose deranged ravings tin beryllium ignored unless it’s convenient.” He said the Democrats request to broaden their appeal.

And helium enactment Republicans connected notice, urging them to measurement up and halt him.

“Maybe those guys could amusement immoderate balls and commencement a concerted effort to decision Trump?” helium suggested.

Instead, helium noted, galore of the voices connected the close who spoke retired against Trump aft the Jan. 6 riot astatine the U.S. Capitol person been mostly soundless since, oregon successful immoderate cases person adjacent endorsed him.

“So here’s my connection some to the cowards who cognize amended and to the radical of bully volition who enactment it connected the enactment due to the fact that they attraction astir our law Republic,” helium concluded. “Right now, today, Donald Trump is the favourite to triumph the presidency again. If you don’t privation that to happen, past commencement acting similar it.”

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