Ex-Trump Attorney Ty Cobb Calls Him 'Deeply Wounded Narcissist' Incapable Of Change

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Ty Cobb, a erstwhile White House lawyer who served arsenic peculiar counsel to Donald Trump successful 2017 and 2018, called the disgraced erstwhile president “a profoundly wounded narcissist” in an interrogation with CBS News newsman Major Garrett connected the “Takeout” podcast.

“My idiosyncratic presumption is that it’s little a quality contented than a property defect,” Cobb told Garrett. “I judge erstwhile President Trump to beryllium a profoundly wounded narcissist, and helium is often incapable of acting different than successful his perceived self-interest, oregon for revenge.”

Cobb told Garrett that narcissism and revenge were “the 2 compelling instincts that usher his actions” and inherently prevented Trump from admitting helium mislaid the 2020 election — and from listening to his ain advisers.

“Sadly, I deliberation he’s gone done immoderate talented advisers, bully advisers, chewed ’em up, and is moving with mode excessively galore radical who archer him what helium wants to hear,” Cobb told Garrett.

The erstwhile White House lawyer said “abject narcissism” kept Trump from believing his erstwhile Attorney General William Barr, arsenic good arsenic the Justice Department entirely, who repeatedly told Trump that wide elector fraud wasn’t to blasted for his nonaccomplishment to Joe Biden successful 2020.

Cobb said Trump has made millions successful  donations by propagating the 2020 predetermination  fraud lie.
Cobb said Trump has made millions successful donations by propagating the 2020 predetermination fraud lie.

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Cobb precocious told NBC News that Trump has been cashing successful connected that “big lie,” which “has brought him millions successful donations, which immoderate grounds suggests whitethorn person been mishandled.” He besides bemoaned how galore Republican officials proceed to propagate Trump’s lie.

“I deliberation it is truthful tragic,” Cobb told Garrett. “I criticized the existent medication modestly earlier by saying they person nary involvement successful healing — Trump has nary involvement successful healing, either. I don’t think, sadly, that the aboriginal of America is enhanced by either position.”

Cobb added that the “Justice Department has signaled that they mean to prosecute” Trump “no substance what.” While galore pundits judge Trump’s amerciable mishandling of classified documents volition spur charges, Cobb is assured his downfall volition travel elsewhere.

“I deliberation the president is successful superior ineligible h2o not truthful overmuch due to the fact that of the search, but due to the fact that of the obstructive enactment helium took successful transportation with the January 6 proceeding and the attempts to interfere successful the predetermination count,” Cobb told Garrett.

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