FAA Revokes Pilot Licenses After Midair Plane Swap Stunt. See Why.

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Pilots who tried to swap planes successful midair person been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration. (Check retired the videos below.)

The FAA announced that it revoked the aviator licenses of daredevils Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington for their recklessness successful the unauthorized Red Bull-sponsored stunt, USA Today reported Thursday. Hulu livestreamed it connected April 24.

The thrill-seeking cousins attempted to alert their planes to 12,000 feet and past skydive to swap their plummeting craft and onshore them.

Aikins accomplished the challenge, but Farrington missed. He deployed his parachute and landed safely portion the level helium was expected to leap into crashed into the godforsaken level successful Eloy, Arizona.

Aikins acknowledged connected Instagram past period that the FAA had rejected his petition to let the stunt, but helium went up with it anyway without telling his team.

A Red Bull spokesperson told The New York Times said the substance was betwixt the pilots and the FAA. The insubstantial couldn’t scope either pilot.

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