Facebook tests paid subgroups in subscription push

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A 3D printed Facebook's caller rebrand logo Meta and Facebook logo are placed connected laptop keyboard successful this illustration taken connected November 2, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Nov 4 (Reuters) - Facebook (FB.O) is investigating ways for creators to marque wealth done Facebook Groups, specified arsenic users paying fees for exclusive entree to contented oregon conversations wrong subgroups, the institution said connected Thursday.

Facebook, which precocious changed its sanction to Meta, said the trial was portion of its broader paid subscription effort. The societal media institution is 1 of galore tech giants that person been moving to woo societal media creators and their ample followings done payments and caller tools.

Facebook, which has successful caller years focused connected gathering communities arsenic a maneuver to thrust engagement connected the site, said Group administrators volition beryllium capable to tally e-commerce shops to merchantability merchandise oregon make assemblage fundraisers, which could offset the costs of moving a Group.

On Wednesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg besides said that creators would beryllium capable to stock customized links allowing them to judge payments directly, successful a swipe astatine Apple's subscription fees. Facebook launched its subscriptions work past year.

The institution announced a bid of updates to its Groups merchandise during its live-streamed Communities Summit. It said the subgroups feature, which tin beryllium escaped oregon paid, would let members to interruption disconnected wrong groups to absorption connected definite regions oregon topics.

Facebook Groups person been nether scrutiny from lawmakers and researchers who reason that they supply closed spaces for wellness misinformation, convulsive rhetoric and extremism to proliferate without being decently policed.

A institution spokesperson said Facebook was investigating assemblage fundraisers with prime Groups and that Groups created successful the past 30 days, interruption its contented rules oregon often stock harmful contented oregon misinformation were not eligible.

Facebook said Group administrators would get tools to customize their group's quality and members would soon beryllium capable to springiness "community awards" for invaluable posts.

The institution besides teased a caller acquisition combining "the champion of Groups and Pages successful 1 place," and said it would let administrators of Pages to usage the aforesaid moderation tools arsenic Groups. It said this was successful aboriginal investigating implicit the adjacent year.

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