Facebook whistleblower: Zuckerberg should step down as CEO

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New York (CNN Business)Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said Monday she believes the institution would beryllium "stronger" if laminitis Mark Zuckerberg stepped down arsenic main executive.

"I deliberation it is improbable the institution volition alteration if helium remains CEO," she said during an on-stage interrogation astatine the Web Summit tech league successful Lisbon. "I anticipation that helium tin spot that there's truthful overmuch bully helium tin bash successful the world, and possibly it's a accidental for idiosyncratic other to instrumentality the reins."

Haugen added: "I deliberation Facebook would beryllium stronger with idiosyncratic who was consenting to absorption connected safety."

    Haugen acceptable disconnected the latest firestorm astir Facebook (FB) — which changed its firm sanction past week to Meta — erstwhile she leaked tens of thousands of pages of interior institution documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission, lawmakers and the Wall Street Journal. Last month, a consortium of quality organizations, including CNN, besides obtained the documents, now known arsenic the "Facebook Papers," and published scores of articles.

      The documents supply the deepest look yet astatine galore of the company's biggest problems, including however hatred code and misinformation are amplified connected the platform, however coordinated groups are capable to usage its apps to origin real-world unit and harm, and however its deficiency of non-English connection capabilities has endangered users successful politically unstable parts of the world.

      Facebook says it's facing 'government investigations' related to whistleblower documents

      For its part, Facebook-turned-Meta has repeatedly pushed backmost connected Haugen's claims and said the documents she leaked supply a skewed representation of the company's probe and efforts.

      "At the bosom of these stories is simply a premise which is false. Yes, we're a concern and we marque profit, but the thought that we bash truthful astatine the disbursal of people's information oregon wellbeing misunderstands wherever our ain commercialized interests lie," Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone told CNN successful a connection past month. The institution did not instantly respond to a petition for remark connected this article.

      Lawmakers person asked Zuckerberg to attest earlier Congress, and immoderate tech information advocates person called for a enactment alteration astatine the societal media giant. However, it doesn't look Zuckerberg is readying to measurement down anytime soon.

      Instead, Zuckerberg announced the caller sanction successful a somewhat bizarre, highly animated lawsuit past week intended to tout the company's ambitious plans for the "metaverse" and possibly crook the leafage from the PR crises sparked by Haugen and the documents. The metaverse refers to efforts by Facebook and different companies to harvester virtual and augmented world technologies successful a caller online realm.

      Shortly aft the announcement, Zuckerberg's occupation rubric connected his idiosyncratic Facebook leafage changed to: "Founder and CEO astatine Meta."

      Asked by The Verge aft the announcement if helium would stay CEO astatine Facebook/Meta successful the adjacent 5 years, Zuckerberg said: "Probably. I don't person a circumstantial day however agelong I privation to beryllium doing this for. I conjecture what I could accidental is I'm precise excited astir the adjacent section of what we're doing."

      Last month, Facebook said it would hire 10,000 people successful the European Union to assistance physique the metaverse. During the interrogation Monday, Haugen criticized the determination and called the company's plans to put successful the metaverse earlier solving its real-world information problems "unconscionable."

      "Over and implicit again, Facebook chooses enlargement successful caller areas implicit sticking the landing connected what they've already done," she said. "As you work done the documents it states precise intelligibly that determination needs to beryllium much resources connected precise basal information systems. And alternatively of investing successful making definite that their platforms are a minimal level of safe, they're astir to put 10,000 engineers successful video games. And I can't ideate however this makes sense."

        Meta spokesperson Joe Osborne called Haugen's remark "a ludicrous examination and a mendacious choice."

        "It is not arsenic though a institution tin lone physique caller exertion oregon put successful keeping radical safe," Obsorne said successful a connection to CNN Business. "Obviously, we tin and indispensable bash some of these things astatine the aforesaid clip - and we are."

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