Facebook working on ways to protect users in the 'metaverse' -senior exec Clegg

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Nick Clegg, VP of Global Affairs & Communications astatine Meta (Facebook), participates remotely successful the Web Summit, Europe's largest exertion conference, successful Lisbon, Portugal, November 2, 2021. REUTERS/Pedro Nunes

Nov 2 (Reuters) - Facebook Inc's (FB.O) caput of planetary affairs, Nick Clegg, said the institution was moving connected ways to support users successful the metaverse, speaking successful an interrogation with Reuters connected Tuesday.

The institution past week changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc to bespeak its absorption connected gathering the "metaverse," a shared virtual situation that it bets volition beryllium the successor to the mobile internet. work much

Clegg, who said it could instrumentality up to 15 years for the metaverse to travel to fruition, said determination would beryllium clip for the institution to physique successful information and privateness protections.

"This clip we tin enactment with academics, we tin enactment with lawmakers, we tin enactment with regulators unneurotic and collaboratively, to enactment the defender rails successful spot earlier the exertion matures," helium said successful a Zoom interview.

Facebook, which has agelong been nether scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers implicit its attack to users' safety, privateness and for failures successful policing level abuses similar hatred speech, has faced heightened disapproval aft erstwhile worker Frances Haugen leaked interior documents which she said showed the institution enactment nett earlier idiosyncratic safety.

The institution said the documents person been utilized to contiguous a mendacious representation of its work.

On Monday Haugen spoke astatine Web Summit successful Lisbon, urging CEO Mark Zuckerberg to measurement down and arguing Facebook should give resources to ensuring information connected existing platforms alternatively than investing successful the metaverse. work much

Clegg said it was "not an either/or choice" betwixt its existent responsibilities and investing successful the metaverse.

He besides said that arsenic the metaverse should beryllium "an interoperable ecosystem," the company's contented standards would request to beryllium accordant with different tech firms gathering for the metaverse. He said the protocols and standards of this interoperability would beryllium "some of the astir hard and astir important argumentation work."

Facebook connected Tuesday announced caller European partners successful its XR Programs and Research Fund, a two-year, $50 cardinal concern that it says volition assistance it physique the metaverse responsibly. work much

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