Facing a difficult election, Biden to hold final rally on friendly terrain

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WASHINGTON, Nov 7 (Reuters) - One time earlier midterm elections that could sharply curtail his powerfulness successful Washington, President Joe Biden volition connected Monday clasp a rally connected affable terrain successful an lawsuit that underlines the hard prospects for his Democratic Party.

Rather than making a last transportation to voters successful a hotly contested plaything state, Biden volition clasp a rally successful reliably Democratic Maryland, arsenic his sagging popularity has made him unwelcome successful overmuch of the country.

Weighed down by elector frustrations implicit rising prices, Biden's Democrats fearfulness the elections connected Tuesday could spot them suffer power of 1 oregon some chambers of Congress.

Analysts expect Republicans to triumph power of the House of Representatives and perchance the Senate arsenic well.

That would spell the extremity of Biden's legislative docket and unfastened the doorway for 2 years of perchance damaging Republican-led investigations. A Republican-led Senate could besides block his nominations for judicial oregon administrative posts.

Biden has warned that a Republican triumph could weaken the foundations of ideology itself.

"Democracy is virtually connected the ballot," helium said astatine a rally successful Yonkers, New York, connected Sunday.

Many Republican candidates person echoed erstwhile President Donald Trump's baseless claims of fraud successful his 2020 predetermination defeat.

Some of them could end up arsenic governors oregon predetermination administrators successful battleground states and play a cardinal relation successful the 2024 statesmanlike race.

Trump has had a important relation successful the midterms, shaping the Republican tract done endorsements and hinting astatine different statesmanlike tally astatine run rallies. He is owed to talk successful Ohio connected Monday.

With constrictive power of the House of Representatives and the Senate, Biden's Democrats helped him to fulfill run promises to boost cleanable energy, combat the COVID-19 pandemic and concern the rebuilding of crumbling roads and bridges.

But surging ostentation and fears of rising transgression person led galore voters to sour connected his leadership. Only 40% of Americans o.k. of his occupation performance, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll completed connected Tuesday.

Despite Biden's warnings astir democracy, galore of his chap Democrats person emphasized much applicable matters, specified arsenic their enactment to little medicine cause prices and support the Social Security safety-net program.

While Democrats besides campaigned connected termination rights, sentiment polls amusement that has faded arsenic a apical elector concern.

Biden's unpopularity has made him an unwelcome impermanent successful galore of the astir competitory states, wherever Democratic candidates person declined to look with him oregon accidental whether they would backmost him for re-election.

Instead, his travels person been confined to Democratic strongholds successful the last days earlier the election.

On Monday, helium volition talk astatine a rally successful Maryland with gubernatorial campaigner Wes Moore, who is expected to easy triumph his race. If elected, Moore would beryllium lone the 3rd Black politician successful U.S. history.

More than 40 cardinal American person already formed their ballots, either successful idiosyncratic oregon done the mail, according to the U.S. Elections Project, which tracks aboriginal voting.

Because immoderate states let ballots to beryllium mailed connected predetermination day, experts accidental it mightiness beryllium days oregon weeks earlier the result of immoderate adjacent races - and power of Congress - is clear.

Reporting by Andy Sullivan; Editing by Christopher Cushing

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