Factbox-'Beaver blood moon' offers world's last total lunar eclipse until 2025

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Nov 7 (Reuters) - Nighttime skywatchers from East Asia to North America volition beryllium treated to the uncommon spectacle of a "Beaver humor moon" connected Tuesday, upwind permitting, arsenic the Earth, satellite and prima align to nutrient a full lunar eclipse for the past clip until 2025.

Here are immoderate cardinal facts astir the upcoming celestial display, unfolding successful an exceedingly antithetic concurrence with Election Day successful the United States, and astir lunar eclipses successful general.


A full lunar eclipse occurs erstwhile the Earth casts its shadiness wholly implicit a afloat moon, blocking reflection of each nonstop sunlight from the lunar orb and dimming the colour of the satellite to a reddish hue, hence the word "blood moon."

This is lone imaginable erstwhile the orbits of the Earth, satellite and prima align truthful that the satellite is straight down Earth comparative to the sun. Otherwise, the satellite passes supra oregon beneath Earth's shadiness due to the fact that its orbit astir Earth is usually tilted comparative to Earth's orbit astir the sun.


The reddish quality of the lunar aboveground - the satellite does not wholly vanish from presumption - is caused by rays of sunlight astir the outer borderline of the eclipse shadow, oregon umbra, being filtered and refracted arsenic it passes done Earth's atmosphere, bathing the satellite indirectly successful a dim copper glow.

The grade of redness depends connected atmospheric conditions that alteration with levels of aerial pollution, particulate storms, wildfire fume and adjacent volcanic ash.


Total lunar eclipses occur, connected average, astir erstwhile each twelvemonth and a half, according to NASA. But the interval varies. Tuesday's lawsuit volition people the 2nd humor satellite this year, pursuing 1 successful mid-May. The adjacent 1 is not expected until March 14, 2025.


Tuesday's eclipse volition beryllium disposable crossed eastbound Asia, Australia, the Pacific and North America. Skywatchers successful Asia and Australia volition spot it with their evening moonrise, portion the spectacle volition play retired for observers successful North America successful the aboriginal greeting hours earlier the satellite sets. It volition beryllium disposable to the bare oculus wherever skies are wide successful those regions.


The full eclipse volition unfold implicit a play of astir six hours arsenic the satellite gradually edges into the Earth's paler, outer shadow, its "penumbra," past enters the Earth's darker, interior shadow, oregon "umbra," earlier reaching totality and yet emerging from the different side.

On the West Coast of the United States, the full show volition tally from 12:01 a.m. PST until conscionable earlier 6 a.m., with the full eclipse signifier lasting astir 90 minutes, peaking astatine 3 a.m.


Tuesday's lawsuit volition coincide with the "Beaver moon," a moniker for November's afloat satellite adopted by the Old Farmer's Almanac supposedly from Algonquian languages erstwhile spoken by Native Americans successful the New England territory. When combined with the phenomena of a full lunar eclipse, it is wide referred to arsenic a "Beaver humor moon" successful the United States.

Sources: NASA; Space.com; Sky & Telescope magazine; Griffith Observatory; Old Farmer's Almanac

Reporting by Steve Gorman successful Los Angeles; Editing by Christopher Cushing

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