Fake Trump Elector Misrepresented Role In Alleged Voting Data Breach: Court Filing

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ATLANTA (AP) — A erstwhile Republican Party authoritative successful Georgia who was a fake elector successful 2020 misrepresented her relation successful an alleged breach of voting equipment astatine a agrarian elections bureau 2 months aft the past statesmanlike election, according to a tribunal filing.

The filing precocious Monday is portion of a broader suit challenging the information of the state’s voting machines that has been drawn into a abstracted investigation of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his nonaccomplishment successful Georgia.

According to the latest filing, Cathy Latham helped coordinate the accomplishment of a machine forensics squad astatine the Coffee County elections bureau connected Jan. 7, 2021, welcomed them upon accomplishment and spent astir each time determination instructing them what to copy. That turned retired to beryllium “virtually each constituent of the voting system,” the tribunal filing says. That straight refutes her grounds successful a sworn deposition and her representations successful filings with the court, the papers states.

The filing comes successful effect to Latham’s attorneys’ effort to quash subpoenas for her idiosyncratic physics devices, including immoderate cellphones, computers and retention devices.

Robert Cheeley, an lawyer for Latham, did not respond to an email seeking comment. He antecedently said his lawsuit doesn’t retrieve each the details of that day. But helium said she “would not and has not knowingly been progressive successful immoderate impropriety successful immoderate election” and “has not acted improperly oregon illegally.”

Latham said successful a deposition past period that she moved to Texas implicit the summer. In January 2021, she was seat of the Coffee County Republican Party and was the authorities enactment caucus seat for much than 125 of Georgia’s smaller counties. Latham besides was 1 of 16 Georgia Republicans who signed a certificate successful December 2020 falsely stating that Trump had won the authorities and declaring that they were the state’s “duly elected and qualified” electors.

Trump successful information mislaid Georgia by astir 12,000 votes to Democrat Joe Biden. The probe into Trump’s efforts to alteration the results includes a telephone telephone helium made to the Georgia caput of authorities suggesting helium could “find” conscionable capable votes to marque Trump the winner.

The Georgia caput of state’s bureau has described the copying of information from Coffee County’s predetermination strategy arsenic an “alleged unauthorized access.” It’s the latest of several suspected breaches of voting strategy information astir the state tied to Trump allies since his predetermination loss.

Attorney Sidney Powell and different Trump allies were progressive successful arranging for the copying of the predetermination instrumentality successful Coffee County — it is location to 43,000 radical and voted overwhelmingly for Trump — arsenic portion of a wider effort to entree voting instrumentality successful respective states, according to documents produced successful effect to subpoenas successful the long-running suit implicit Georgia’s voting machines.

Latham’s “data apt volition uncover further details astir the enactment performed and accusation obtained successful the breach, what was done with the compromised bundle and data, and the radical progressive successful readying and orchestrating the breach, which puts voters and aboriginal elections astatine tremendous risk,” the filing says.

An grounds attached to the Monday filing juxtaposes quotes from Latham’s deposition with images pulled from security camera footage that look to straight contradict her statements.

Latham said that she went to her occupation arsenic a precocious schoolhouse teacher and stopped by the predetermination bureau concisely that afternoon. But the video representation shows her arriving astatine 11:37 a.m. portion clip stamps connected different images amusement her determination passim overmuch of the day. She besides said she didn’t spot circumstantial radical and saw others lone briefly, but the video images amusement otherwise.

The suit that includes the combat implicit Latham’s idiosyncratic physics devices was primitively filed respective years earlier the 2020 predetermination by idiosyncratic voters and the Coalition for Good Governance, an predetermination information advocacy group. It alleges that Georgia’s touchscreen voting machines are not unafraid and seeks to person them replaced by hand-marked insubstantial ballots.

The Monday filing said the plaintiffs person identified aggregate circumstantial documents that Latham failed to nutrient successful effect to a erstwhile subpoena. It seeks to person a 3rd enactment marque a impermanent forensic transcript of her devices and hunt for responsive documents.

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