Families from Mexico reunite after decades

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AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- A household reunion decades successful the making took spot successful Aurora Thursday.

Elderly couples traveling from Mexico were capable to sojourn household they haven't seen successful arsenic galore arsenic 30 years.

The time was filled with affectional meetings arsenic families reunited astatine the First Presbyterian Church successful Aurora.

Tears of joy, agelong hugs, kisses and wordless expressions of emotion overwhelmed galore due to the fact that what bash you accidental the archetypal clip you spot your mother, father, kid oregon grandchild successful much than 20 oregon 30 years?

"I person truthful galore things successful my caput but the archetypal happening is going to beryllium conscionable holding her. Tell her however overmuch I emotion her," said Edwin Garcia, who past saw his parent 25 years ago. "I can't picture however I truly feel. So galore things astatine 1 time."

"I was expected to travel for 5 years," said Jose Montes, who past saw his parent 21 years ago. "You accidental I'll beryllium backmost adjacent twelvemonth and adjacent twelvemonth and adjacent twelvemonth and adjacent year. And look astatine maine now. I've been present 20 years and inactive haven't been back. The past clip was 2001. I came present connected January 17. Ever since, I ne'er spell back."

So galore pivotal beingness moments that should person been shared but weren't.

"Especially erstwhile I had my archetypal baby, I wished she could beryllium present with maine and assistance me," said Natividad Pacheco, who past saw her parent 20 years ago.

"Last twelvemonth I was truly sick with COVID-19. I astir passed away. And the worst happening I was reasoning of was my ma -- not seeing my ma anymore," Garcia added.

The reunion betwixt 25 families from the Mexican authorities of Oaxaca, which is 1 of the poorest successful Mexico, was made imaginable by a taste speech programme that facilitates passports and visas for radical implicit 60 whose undocumented household members are surviving successful the U.S. and who ordinarily wouldn't beryllium capable to get a tourer visa connected their own.

"We person reunified implicit 1,400 people," said Ivette Moran, with First Lady Of Oaxaca. "We are conscionable truthful happy. This is an enactment of emotion and it is simply a beauteous program."

It was, without a doubt, an incredibly joyful occasion, but for some, it was besides bittersweet.

"My dada was expected to beryllium present too, but helium passed distant 2 years ago," Pacheco, said.

"We person a amended aboriginal here, but we person nary household here. That's the hard part. A amended beingness but astatine the aforesaid clip a hard life," Garica said.

While successful astir cases those arriving volition beryllium present for lone a fewer weeks, the payment is that this does not person to beryllium a one-time visit. Their visas are present extended for a ten-year period, which volition let their families to travel unneurotic present arsenic often arsenic they wish.

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