Family lives in fear after minivan they use for shelter vandalized

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A stateless household successful Fayetteville is viciously attacked by different idiosyncratic surviving connected the streets. The household says the assailant broke the windows of their minivan, vandalizing their lone signifier of shelter. Now Good Samaritans are raising wealth to assistance the household flooded this tragedy.

The harrowing communicative of Chris Tober, 45, and Sharman Tober, 73, illustrates conscionable however susceptible radical who are experiencing homelessness are connected the streets of Fayetteville.

They accidental this is the 3rd clip they person been attacked by different stateless person. It happened successful aboriginal August, wherever the parent and lad are camped retired crossed the thoroughfare from the nationalist room connected Maiden Lane.

A antheral was swinging a bat astatine 1 of the library's ceramic walls successful the mediate of the night. When 1 of the family's dogs barked astatine him, helium came astatine them with a knife--then swung his bat astatine the car.

"I'm a forgiving idiosyncratic and I forgive him," Chris Tober said. "That's what I'm expected to do. I ain't, I clasp nary grudges. But I did privation him to get successful jailhouse oregon prosecuted."

The household says the onslaught deed them hard. They request the van for retention and to tally basal errands similar getting food, clothes, and doing laundry. There is inactive breached solid successful and extracurricular the minivan, truthful it is excessively unsafe for them to unfastened immoderate of the doors and retrieve their things. They are besides exposed to much attacks and atrocious weather.

"If the rainfall comes, the upwind comes, we're going to beryllium drowned. We're not going to person immoderate spot to go--especially with our animals," Sharman Tober said.

Sharman Tober says that contempt applying, they person struggled to entree affordable housing. She besides says their options for pursuing ineligible enactment against the assailant are constricted due to the fact that of their statuses arsenic stateless people. Tober says she wishes metropolis officials did much to admit that stateless radical are quality beings similar everyone else. She besides believes the metropolis should beryllium much watchful of individuals connected the thoroughfare who are mentally unstable and could perchance airs harm to others.

"They bash each kinds of stuff. They wounded people. We person radical being stabbed, radical being changeable at."

Sharman and Chris Tober archer ABC 11 they person not seen the idiosyncratic who vandalized their minivan since the incidental happened a fewer weeks ago. Still, they unrecorded successful fearfulness that helium could onslaught again.

Anyone who wants to larn much astir however to assistance tin spell to the Watch Out Cumberland County Facebook page.

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