Family of 4 killed in crash wants justice

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - News 4 is pushing for answers Sunday aft a car clang Friday nighttime near 4 radical dead. Investigators said suspects fleeing from constabulary deed a minivan carrying 7 household members of the aforesaid family. Four of the adults successful the car were killed and 3 children were injured. Other household members are present speaking retired saying they privation justice.

“We person to hide 4 household members, and 1 large family, and it’s close earlier Mother’s Day. I wanted to telephone my ma and accidental ‘Hey mom, Happy Mother’s Day! What bash you privation to bash now?’ But I can’t,” Aaron Piggee explained.

Piggee mislaid his mother, his sister and 2 uncles successful minutes Friday night. A clang Piggee said nary 1 could person survived with the driver, helium said, reaching 100 mph.

“When I got that telephone telephone I automatically panicked and just, there’s nary mode this could happen,” Piggee said.

Piggee rushed to Barnes Jewish Hospital aboriginal Saturday greeting to find his 15-year-old daughter, Anniysha Wallace, his 10-year-old niece, Takara, and his 6-year-old niece, Trinity, successful captious condition. As of Sunday, Wallace and Trinity are disconnected beingness support. Takara,11, is inactive unstable.

Piggee said the pursuing household members, whom person not been confirmed by police, died successful the crash:

1. 4-year-old Luther Simmons, Piggee’s uncle

2. 47-year-old Ephraim Simmons, Piggee’s uncle

3. 34-year-old LaRhonda Simmons, Piggee’s sister

4. 56-year-old Angelique Simmons-Walker, Piggee’s mother

“When constabulary are chasing these cars, that are stolen oregon immoderate the lawsuit tin be, they’re not reasoning astir the radical that are around. My household should inactive beryllium present to this day, but why? I person nary answers from them. The detectives person nary answers for me,” Piggee said.

The operator of the Jeep Cherokee that deed and killed Piggee’s household is inactive connected the run. The different 2 17-year-olds successful the car, 1 of whom fired shots astatine different cars during the spree, were taken into juvenile custody.

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“We privation justice. We’re not going to fto this thrust and this hap to the adjacent family, to the adjacent family, to the adjacent family. This has to halt today,” Piggee said.

Piggee said the teens who deed and killed his household aren’t the lone ones responsible.

“I truly deliberation that St. Louis City should beryllium held accountable. We person to halt this constabulary chasing, period. Everywhere. It has to travel to an extremity due to the fact that it’s dangerous. Families are losing loved ones due to the fact that of this,” Piggee said.

In the past 2 weeks, suspects fleeing from constabulary person caused 3 abstracted crashes wrong St. Louis City limits, wherever guiltless victims were killed. Piggee told News 4 the 2 juvenile suspects arrested astatine the country person been released from constabulary custody. News 4 is moving to corroborate that with police. We’ve besides requested assemblage and dash camera footage of this incident. It’s known from erstwhile chases that constabulary cameras automatically crook connected erstwhile they scope a precocious complaint of speed.

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