Family responds with kindness after theft

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JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. (KCTV) --A Jackson County household fell unfortunate to a thief astatine their location yesterday evening.

The household says the vicinity has been targeted for theft successful respective occasions, but this clip astir the thief came for their leafage blowers.

Despite the victims being precise frustrated astatine the situation, they are taking a much spiritual approach.

“The top commandment successful the Bible is to emotion the lord your God with each your heart, your mind, your soul. Second commandment straight pursuing that is to emotion your neighbour arsenic yourself,” says Jennifer Collier.

Which is the attack Collier plans to take.

This is surveillance footage of yesterday evening of a antheral moving up to their store and rapidly moving retired with 2 leafage blowers.

The household says this each happened portion they were doing immoderate gait enactment successful the backmost of the house.

Neighbors besides showed them video surveillance of the antheral earlier the theft waiting, watching the location and their activity, for the close clip to thrust up.

“It’s irritating, the things that we enactment hard to wage for idiosyncratic conscionable helped themselves into our location to take, we presume to merchantability truthful they tin person wealth for thing that they need,” says Collier.

Despite their irritation, Jennifer is encouraging the antheral to travel back.

First, to instrumentality the stolen items, but secondly to get his gift.

“I near a Bible for you connected my beforehand porch. If you privation to instrumentality what you took, it’s determination for you due to the fact that the things that you took that’s not going to marque you happy,” says Collier.

The household says the Bible volition stay connected the structure until the antheral comes backmost and says if helium does travel back, they volition not adjacent effort to person him arrested.

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